"The Most Vulnerable" -- Part One.


Osburn, Idaho, US of A, November 8, 2001.

Midwayer Andrea.

Received by Sandy Montee

Andrea: "This is Andrea. I am a Primary Midwayer.

"I wish to talk about your Primary and Secondary Midwayer friends.

"Incidentally, the updated circuit lines are enabling me to communicate more easily with those of you on the 11.11 List. Let me say that each of the people who have subscribed to this list are able to understand, and have empathy for, all the people around our world.

"I am under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek. He has sent the most recent Midwayer Returnees into the fields of war in Afghanistan. I would like for the people, who wish to extend a helping hand, to take the crowds of refugees into their hearts and pray for healings to occur -- a gift of energy from you all to these many, and most vulnerable, people.

"Visualize that you are in the middle of these crowds of refugees, and you are comforting them.

"I will now step back, and allow Isaac to speak with you."

Notes: Andrea talks about the most recent Midwayer Returnees. She does include both Primary and Secondary Midwayers, but, seemingly, more of them are still to be returned to Urantia.

This is "The Most Vulnerable -- Part One." and should be read with the accompanying out-of-body experience.

Part Two looks at both, the present, and the future. Significantly, some of this heart-rending scenery was already shown to the TR some 5 weeks before September 11, 2001, and with the clear warning that it dealt with the future. It made little sense, and we did not record it.

Already in early April of 2001 came Machiventa's warning, "A huge wave of negative energy is on its way."

What unimaginable frustration to our Celestial Friends to know of troubling events of the future, yet for them to rarely be allowed to give a detailed advance warning!

Human free-will prerogatives, no matter how much evil is involved, are rarely negotiable.

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