Love as the Way.


Cheshire, UK, November 4, 2004.
Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “I welcome you today and greet you with warm tidings and a big broad grin. Tonight I will talk of love. The love which is becoming more apparent between yourselves and all around, whether that is with family and friends, your colleagues, or the animals with which you share your life.

“When you speak from your heart there is a resonance that moves throughout your body. It may be worth your while to sit and spend some time talking out loud your complete truth and to notice the way it makes your body feel. Then you may notice in the future when your body feels the same. Strive for this at all times.

“By working through love, you allow others to do the same. When one is approached as a being worthy of love, then one responds in a different manner than when approached from fear or anger. This is a weapon so powerful for the causes of truth and light, and there are no losers within this battle either.

“Even he who has crossed you, he who makes you so angry, is a God-being, and will respond to love. This may not always be apparent to start with. When you first started thinking of your own spirituality was this apparent to others? The inner workings of the mind of man are often unknown to other men, yet the moment somebody is approached in love, part of their selves responds to that love, and this is seen within the spirit world.

“Do not assume that because there are no outward manifestations, that change is not occurring, but hold true within your own light and know that love is the way forward, the sword to remove all negativity, and the banner under which we progress.

“I am Armesh.”

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