Let It Be. Kinship.


Vancouver, US of A, November 19, 2004.
Midwayer Teacher Thuroc.

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “Good Afternoon, eager one. It is I; Thuroc, and I have come to tell you of that which throws you, and the Universe, into a faltering tailspin.

Patience, sweet mortals, and listen to me. Things are not always what they seem. Why must you all go about the tedious procedure of judgment amongst your mortal kin, for kin you are, indeed. Are you not all sharing the same obvious perfection of the Creator’s love for each and every one of you? YES! It is not a pick and chose partnership. It is without quandaries that you all understand how every single human soul connects to the very same breath of what is life; the core of existence, and the Universal laws.

That which taunts you into shunning a fellow soul into submissive gloom, is a plea, a shout, the desperate yearning for a reconnection to the ALL that is. Breathe! Unleash your fleeting thoughts, and breathe! Let it be. Release the mental trash, and you shall be free! Who of you possesses such beguiling strength as to fuel oneself with bravado and pompousness? Release it, for it never was. Your mighty sheath of complacency dulls in comparison to the raw and splintering edge of your wagging tongues. Speak that only of the Truth; that which you infuse through your veins, pumping, spiraling, like rich ruby red blood to your beating hearts.

Pride yourself not on that, which steals the glory from your brother. Unleash, instead, your tight grasp from his triumphs. Give back, that which brings, his freedom of pride.

Delight in his accomplishments, and revel in their completion. Contemplate their fortitude and gratitude for praise of your kin. Relinquish those setbacks that stifle his progress.

I, Thuroc, ask for you mortals to connect, really connect even to just one thing you hold with the utmost and highest regard in our glorious Creator’s Universe. Whether it be walking on warm salty sand, embracing your loved ones, or catching your neighbors contagious smile. Just connect to it, and let it be! Remember how this feels, and live each day forth as such.

I will say goodbye for now. This is Thuroc, the Entertainer.

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