Awaken Your Spirit.


Vancouver, US of A, November 21, 2004.
Midwayer Teacher Thuroc.
Archangel Haniel.

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “Good evening dear child. It is I, Thuroc, so pleased to be here yet again with such a curious student. So many questions have you, as there is so very much to tell, and so much for you to learn. This night I bring you a message from Archangel Haniel.

Haniel: “Bring to your lips the chalice of life, drink from within, and satiate all that has withered away from your thirsty self. Fill up your souls with the celebrated awareness of All that is. Explore the richness of your eminent familiarity. Listen in awe as Christ Michael’s salvation awakens your spirit, to call out His name.

“Bathe in the brilliance of the angels’ purity, softly washing over your laden fears, replacing them with placid reminders of Home as a sweet gentle calm glides into your blood, your flesh and bones. You are awakened, and you are at One.

“Nurture now from your heart, prepare, share, become aware, and heal. Strut like a peacock, fly like the Eagle, and dance with the wind. You are God’s perfect children. Show Him how proud you are, not only of yourself, but your dear brothers and sisters, too. Unselfish warranted praise, this is the biggest gift you can bestow upon one another. Do it freely, and do it often. The angels sing with abundant glee when their mortals willingly act upon His intentions. Listen closely, for you will surely hear them whisper your name.

“As your world around you changes, so too does your Spirituality and your need for fulfillment. Call upon me whenever you need friendship, harmony and balance restored. I will help you reinstate that which you need from within. You do not need to search, as I am here to help you find it, for it has never really left you, beautiful one. It has just become lost among the frets and woes of your stressful habits. Implicit personal fears are the crux of your door to finding happiness, and I shall take them away and liberate your soul! Hold close your enamored bond to your universe, for He has seen to it that it shall provide you with all you will ever need.

“Remember to meditate and pray often. God hears all of your valued thoughts and intentions, and it matters not what you call Him, just as long as you do call.

Thuroc: “Now you see that when you honestly feel the exuberance, the joy and pride of your of loved ones’ and friends’ exultations, it then becomes your moment too, for the universe shares this wholesome and loving energy.

“A higher consciousness is achieved. What a sparkling way to accomplish that which the Creator has intended.”

“I leave you now with this tonight. I am Thuroc, the Entertainer.”

Note: Thuroc tells me that Monjoronson will ‘walk freely among the people’ once the gates of seclusion toward our fellow man have been torn down. There is too much segregation and division amongst us. When a common ground of understanding, empathy, and acceptance is achieved, the ‘man with the long beard’ will be among the people.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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