The Veil.


Cheshire, UK, November 16, 2004
Teachers Armesh and Zeen.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “We thank you yet again for this opportunity to talk with you. We congratulate you on your choice of color to open with this evening. It is a color that allows much higher vibrations to come in through you, more completely.

“You have ascertained for yourself the reasons why your breathing becomes shallow and quick. It is to match with the beating of your heart, to resonate with your heart, which gives us greater opening into your energy channels.

“We wish to talk to you today of the nature of spirit and how it integrates with matter. How the juncture between the two works and how we use it to assist in communication with humans and other mortal ascendant beings.

“The veil, as well as assisting you by not overloading humankind with information they are not yet ready to receive, also acts as a step down for the voltage between our worlds, so when we come to you through the veil we are able to match more closely into your own energies.

“Think of the veil as an insulator, a thin barrier that can be penetrated under the right conditions, but provides usefulness on both sides, much as insulating material within your houses assists in being able to maintain two temperatures.

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