The Message Remains Unchanged.


US of A, January 21, 2005.

Christ Michael.

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: “Today I ask you to look with gentle eyes upon all your brothers and sisters, and to determine in the very early moments of each day that to be kind to all you meet on the path is the only way for you to personally walk your path. There are so many places that your kind thoughts and gentle actions can make a great difference in the collective consciousness of this world of struggle.

“Would you seriously endeavor to be my representatives? Then give serious thought to the kingdom principles that are our Father’s Will. He asks only that you extend His unconditional love to all His children.

“Begin each day with kindness in your heart. Take a few moments to think of anything that detracts from this one single action. Can you smile right now? If you can offer to yourself one genuine smile right now, then with just a little effort you can offer smiles throughout this day to everyone you encounter. If there is a reason you cannot smile, then you and I together can examine that reason and change any semblance of unhappiness to joy.

“Are you encumbered by sadness over some perception that robs your happiness? Then let me return you to sanity. There is nothing in all your perceptions of sadness, trial or worry that Father’s Love cannot change. Yes, I said nothing is beyond the healing balm of love.

“Do you doubt My Words? Ah, you have need today to examine your level of trust. I ask you to simply be ambassadors of love. I would not ask anything of you, My brothers and sisters that is beyond your ability.

“The message has not changed in all the centuries. Love one another. Forgive one another. Do not expect a change in the gospel of truth. Trust fully that love makes a great difference in every seeming difficulty. Trust completely in Father’s Plan, for His goal is the brotherhood for all mankind.

“Be there in His Will in every moment of your day. Give freely of the love you have freely received. Can you give freely this very day as you have received? If you can then God’s will is manifest through you. Simply trust that we go, step by step, day by day, and truly hand in hand for the salvation of this world. Your Will and Father’s Will are One.

“Brotherhood WILL come! You can be very sure His Will will manifest through able workers such as yourselves.

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