Arriving at Contact.


Illawarra District, Australia, January 29, 2005.

Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).

[Part Transmission Only].

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We have arrived at a different time in our shared history, and it has brought different rules for both, you, and us of the Midway Realm. And, necessarily, I take you back a long way, for you to compare these times of the past and the times of now.

“We, at one stage, needed to virtually control our human co-workers’ minds to make them say and do the things we wanted said and done on behalf of our Angelic Superiors, and your Ascended Mortal and Divine Teachers, but no more.

“In this New Age, and with all the information you now have in order to know and reach us, at least almost ‘halfway’ if I may be allowed the pun, we have finally arrived in a frame of time where we can co-create, where we can work together, and where we can serve our Creator Father as equally loved, appreciated and respected members of the one large family.

“No longer are your Midway Cousins the unknown postmen and women that deliver your Celestial Messages, unseen, unrecognized, even occasionally dis-respected by some. However, with all the knowledge available to you, it is no longer possible, even allowed, for us to conduct ourselves as in the past. Together with you and your eminent Teachers we are a co-creative workgroup and it is essential that we function in complete harmony at our collective tasks aimed at arriving at contact.

“Moreover, it is essential that you know us, and our basic teachings, for with the spiritual ‘upstepping’ of recent times having been proclaimed and duly inaugurated, not only are there the tremendous advantages that we now enjoy, but also have there come into play some new restrictions. And for you, who see yourselves as future healers of your kin, and receivers of the Melchizedek Universities’ curricula, there are undertakings you will need to accept and adhere to with determination.

“For—and especially for your would-be receivers—without a basic and improving knowledge of our teachings, your transmissions will have little further depth. For without you training yourself at Stillness Meditation, your contact will be only partial, and, for an unwillingness to make a sincere request from the Creator Fragment that indwells you, you may well entirely fail to connect. Indeed, it is the Creator Father who simply allows or disallows as we stand by.

“This, my beloved mortal brother, is the splendid three-point plan that so graces our lives in these exciting days of the Correcting Time, if and when one pays the price of thoroughly committing oneself to the recommended regimen, the result of which will inevitably be that the sublime and thought-provoking Melchizedek teachings will be accurately received, widely shared, and greatly appreciated by many.

“This is Midway Warrior, ABC-22. My love goes out to the many of you I know well, yet as I merely pass onto you the Father’s eternal Love.”

Note: In all those years, and not until 1997, did I ever grasp the term “Midway in time” where these Planetary Helpers existed. For me it was always “Halfway in time” between the Angelic Forces and us human beings. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with such terminology, as the Midwayers know and use our personal vocabulary, concepts, and sometimes even our sayings, in all transmissions. A lack of knowledge of the Celestial Hierarchy and its complex function, however, will reduce the meaningfulness of any transmission. Transmitting doesn’t just one day ‘happen out of the blue’.

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