Cheshire, UK, November 24, 2004.

The Scribe (Sananda).

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “By tradition it has been necessary to keep humanity ignorant of aspects of their world. This is mainly because humanity has not been ready to approach these matters without returning to fear by the challenging of their hard held, and often dogmatic belief systems.

“Their place as supreme beings on this planet is one of those areas, and in this we are talking about physical beings alongside those of spirit that have both been loved and feared over the centuries.

“It is time now to say that you are not the only Ascendant Beings upon Urantia, nor indeed are you the greatest of them.

“There are other species of ape who have the ability to merge with their Thought Adjusters, though this is done in a different manner to humans, by merge of a collective species consciousness with an overseer Thought Adjuster. These situations occur but rarely, but it is a possibility, as indeed with any species of animal there may be ascension given the correct learning and experience situations.

Your own place though, has become one of the greatest sets of lessons since by and large all members of humanity are at a place where this fusion is guaranteed should free-will mandate it so.

In addition, the denizens of the water element on Urantia, known to you as Dolphins, but known to us by another name, are fully realized Ascendant Mortal Sons, they are almost without exception fully fused with their Adjusters whilst still in physical form, and indeed undergo parts of the Morontial Training whilst still in residence within your reality.

Of course, being in this more realized state they are well versed in cosmic travel of the soul and greatly enjoy improving themselves through service to mankind.

As to their origins, it is immaterial as to where they were begotten, as Earth is not their home as it is for humans. However, as the Adamic race forms societies on many worlds and systems, so too the Levic race has a similar distribution.

These beings form much of the spiritual ballast of this Earth and without their presence it is unlikely that the rebellion would have been squashed so completely or that the Correcting Times would be proceeding with the speed we see now.

Rest in faith that they, too, are amongst Earth’s helpers, and look forward to a time when you will meet them as equals.

Note1: I was also told that whilst these things have been kept from humanity, of course there have been individuals who have received information of this nature before, direct from their TA’s

Note 2: The word ‘Levic’ meant nothing to me. On opening the Urantia Book to see if there was any reference, I instantly landed on ‘Adam and Eve’ I believe Levic to be a derivative of ‘Evic’

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