A Story of Someone’s Personal Revelations and Understanding.


A Revelationary List Subscriber writes: I am in awe at this moment and just want to share. When I first received the Dolphin transcript from the new Revelationary List the other day... Well, it freaked me out completely! I thought, “What the hell is this? This world is ludicrous. How could anybody expect me to swallow this?” I even had to scream out loud while driving home.

Well, that night I was very aggravated and confused by what I read and knew that the only way I could get a grip on anything was to allow myself stillness. I let everything empty out of my mind and then I quickly went to sleep. While asleep I had an incredible dream regarding the matter. In my dream I found myself in a garbage bin of some sort that had a bunch of lifeless sea creatures in it—so I thought.

Suddenly a man appeared behind me and said, “The baby dolphins are still alive. Hurry and hand them to me.”

As I picked up these slimy little things from the bottom of the bin, I realized that they were baby dolphins, struggling for their lives, and I suddenly realized that I had been stepping on them out of ignorance. I felt an urgency to save these little guys and I handed as many as I could to this man, who put them ‘somewhere’.

He finally said, “We are done. Come with me.”

After I climbed out of the bin, I saw a beautiful pond with rocks and stuff aligned around it. The man then said something, and several fully-grown dolphins swam to the edge where we were standing.

These dolphins were amazing! They weren’t just a gray color but patched with every bright color you could think of. I was so elated that we saved such wonderful creatures. I could feel their expression of love. And I sensed by their display of color and peaceful nature that they were very spiritual beings, and had something to offer us as human beings.

Then before I awoke, I was able to see this man’s face for the first time. He had these wonderful piercing eyes, which I have seen on previous occasions. The power of this man’s look seemed to part any clouds of confusion.

If you allow me to say this: My confusion has been left behind in the dirty trash bin where it belongs – LOL – thus, allowing the space for love and gratitude to grow.

Notes: Indeed, mankind has been “stepping on dolphins” for a long time. As well, eye-to-eye contact with Celestials greatly improves mind-to-mind communication. In fact, seeing the Teachers, yet being unable to discern their facial features, as so often happens, might well be their preferred method of avoiding information overload for mere humans.

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