(Submitted by a dear receiver friend).

The Conversation set out below—a discussion with a dolphin—dates back to November of 1996, and can probably no longer be classed as a word-for-word transmission transcript. Some questions and answers have been deleted, and, by request, the receiver’s name is not noted here.

Boji: “I would speak. I feel your resistance, yet I know you are willing. Let go your fear. I come as liaison to begin the bridging between our two species. You would have preferred for me to use the word people, and yet we are different. My ‘people’ are linked to yours, and yet are different. When you move beyond this world you will understand that there are many who are different from your own kind, and yet are linked, for we are all children of the same Father.

“You have long understood, and you resist me, child, yet your heart does not, for always have you known. It is not your heart that resists these words, but your mind—that part of you tied to this world. I ask you let it go, allow this bridge, for long has it been courted. You have long understood the bond between our two kinds. The book you read today was not read by accident, nor have many of the books you’ve been led to in these past two years been ‘accidents’.

“They have all been a part of your schooling, if you will, for while within them there have been ‘pieces’ of misinformation, there have also been greater ‘pieces’ that spoke of truth. Your heart took each piece and held it in readiness for this time when we would speak. In the coming year we will meet with you in our own element, but for now allow this channel to remain open. My kind has much wisdom to give to your people. We were not always of this world, but brought here to serve humankind in accessing knowledge that will prepare them for the next step in their spiritual awakening, that will bring the mind into a state of readiness to begin accessing information that has been encoded within the genetic pool of humankind, and held within the deep recesses of mind until this time.

“These patterns are now being released, and will begin to become evident within the minds of those humans whose hearts are open to the Light that is now becoming manifest on this world. Information will be given through these bridges. I hear you thinking that this is not correct. This is your human ego assuming a position of protection at what it does not understand, and yet your connection to your Creator has overridden your ego’s ability to block what it cannot understand. Yet, we understand the anxiety engendered by a meeting between our two minds that will appear to most of your people as most unlikely.

“Do not be concerned, the Light will become evident and the information will be transmitted to those who wait to receive. Without these bridges, your world will remain in darkness for yet many more years. We work with your universe administrators to bring to resolution the last vestiges of rebellion’s taint.

“Recognize that the role you play is vital to this end. There are many in place across your world that are open and in readiness to receive their orders. I feel your resistance at the word order. It is not meant in the way you have taken it. It is not that they are being told to do something but rather they are given the blueprint, if you will, that will make clear one part of a larger pattern. They are not able at this time to access the information they need.

“These bridges of whom you are but one, are a necessary component to this higher universe pattern being clearly set within the minds of humankind as a whole. Michael’s mission to this world is being facilitated on many more levels than are evident to you who serve on but a few. You understand now that the work you must do is clearly imperative to the outcome, or rather to the clear transfer of information.

“Many have been put in place to help you understand the importance of this last leg of the inner work. Do not neglect it overlong. The movement of information will be done on deeper levels of consciousness and yet it is necessary that the channel become as clear and free of patterns holding memories that interfere with the clear knowledge of who you are. It sets up vibrations that act as interference, static if you will, and needs must be clarified, let go of. We know you can be counted upon to finish this work for you have moved steadily forward since making a commitment to help your people.

“You even now believe this is ego based; you were given the opportunity to play an active role in your world being brought back to its rightful place within this universe. While it was understood according to your world’s standards—you were still a child—your commitment was made on a higher level (Reference was being made to the time when this receiver had first spiritual contact at the age of fourteen). You will one day understand the path you have walked was laid out for you in order to bring you toward this time of readiness. You are resisting my words on one level, and yet you understand and accept on another level.

“The time will come when you will accept on both levels, for now it is enough that you have accepted and allowed this opening. Each time in days to come when you allow the link to be strengthened you will be preparing the circuit through which much information will be transmitted to those who wait to receive.

“Do not underestimate the importance of this work. You will be working on deeper levels of mind than you have in your past. Much activity will be ongoing during sleep time. It will be important that you begin to retire at a more reasonable hour, for the human physical vehicle cannot run at optimum levels when there is a deficit on any level, and since activity is being increased during your resting time, it will be important that you increase the number of (sleep) hours in order to insure health. This has been a longer than usual session and I will close this circuit now leaving you with the knowledge that you are much loved by your people and mine as well. I leave you my peace and now take my leave. I am Boji.”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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