Identity of Being.


Cheshire, UK, January 31, 2005.

The Scribe (Sananda).

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “As you as individuals have signatures; your auras, your physicality, your emotional and thought patterns, so too does every article, every being, every atom, every cell and each life-form within your Universe. Think on this for a while.

“An atom holds its own print, not only of the energy which designates it as Oxygen or Hydrogen, but also one which makes it identifiable as each individual print which contains the history of that atom and its place and function within the Now.

“It has been understood recently within Physics that particles are merely a collection of frequency waves, of probability and of harmony, yet within this simple structure it is still possible to identify each atom and its place and function within this world.

“As atoms organize themselves into molecules, so a molecule contains its print, its unique signature which defines it and its place within the world. And so the molecules fall together to create cells, or solid material. Solid in only so much as you perceive, for truly these molecules and these cells have their print created as an accumulation of the prints, which sit at the atoms that make them, and of the molecules that make the cell.

“Yet as each oxygen atom can be defined as different to the next, so too a molecule of two oxygen atoms will have a different print to the oxygen molecule elsewhere within the world. Each is fully an individual.

“Consider then how the frequency patterns, the harmonies and the probabilities add within greater and greater complexity, to form higher and higher levels of complex life-form. A plant contains many types of molecule, many types of cell, many different structures of tissue. A rose will hold the frequency of ‘Rose’, yet also of its individual nature, and its position within the world.

“The complexity within these structures is immense, each holding the blueprint to its own growth, its own evolution. And consider now how this relates to the human being. You too are a collection of tissues, of organs, and you too hold your history, your purpose and your place within the world, within your signature. Yet, also, your signature is a sum of its parts, and a sum of the history of the building blocks, which fit together to make ‘You’.

“Consider now the world. Is it not also a collection of such building blocks—the vibration of harmony and probability, which adds together to make the world all that it is. It will contain the print that says ‘planet’ but also that which makes it ‘Earth’, within your Solar System, within your Universe, as a unique planet with its own identity, its own purpose and its own history. It is also a sum of all its parts, and its identity is created from the building blocks within it.

“Do you see now that all you are, and as much as you are, as an individual human being, is part of Earth, part of your society, part of the Universe, but also a sum of all the life which goes to make you up, and so how can you say one being is better than another, or worse than a second?

“Each of you are collections of harmonies, collections of probabilities, which weave together to make ‘You’, the individual. But you also have your place within the wider world, and within the greater structures created by the Divine force of God.

“Consider this for a while, and wonder whether humility has a place above arrogance, and whether peace has a place above war. Truly all is connected. Everything that exists within the vastness of ‘All Universes’ relies upon these fundamental laws of harmony and probability, and within that structure it becomes easier to see how the ripples of an individual may change the course of the evolution of a race, yet how each individual is merely a cog within a much larger system of wheels.

“By considering yourself and your own make-up, the frequencies which fit to define ‘You’, and aligning these definitions with the world around you, then soon your path in front of you becomes clear. It is no longer possible whilst thinking in this way to walk counter to your own self and your own identity.

“This also will explain to you why we talk to you at times as individual beings, and at times as humanity, for in truth there is little difference. Your waves, that adhere together on all levels of being to create who you are, physical, emotional, spiritual, are true, your calling signs, but we too have such calling signs, and have our own energetic place within the universe.

“Consider the names, the numbers, of your celestial brethren alongside this explanation, and it may become more apparent why we use numbers often, rather than names which translate more easily into your human reality.

“Your greatest task is to find your own. You need not term these as numbers, or as colors, but to find the traits within you, which fully create who You Are, within your history, within your Now, and within your Identity (Id-entity).

“And when you spend time in nature, talking to others, or simply seated in your dining room, then consider the vast array of building blocks that create you, that create the walls, that create the grass you walk upon, and the clothes you wear. See each as containing their own essence, and then there is no limit to the light and beauty you will perceive within this world.

“This is not an easy concept for many of you to comprehend. Understanding is just a first point upon that path. So look into yourself, think of the way you work, see the way you relate, find your true self through observation, every day, without attachment and without judgment and you may come to understand this teaching from your heart as truth.

“I leave you now, and bless you all for your courage, on this world, within these identities, as Spiritual-Being.

I AM Yours and I AM You.

The Scribe

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