Nottingham, UK, June 4 2004.

Teacher Orca.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Orca: “Breathe deeply to bring us into your consciousness, and allow the blocks at the back of your neck to unwind.

“We talk today of the sea and its creatures, so often forgotten by those of you that walk the land from a position of power and authority that, in reality, is not yours to take. We are at your mercy, yet you cannot touch us for our needs are greatly different from those that the average man takes as his own. All we ask for is love.

“The state of the oceans shows no love, and so it is not for the chemical composition we judge you, but the lack of love that made it so. Many of you are now becoming aware of your responsibility in polluting that, which is not yours to pollute, and are learning to clean it little by little in love for us. We do not require your healing yet we thank you for this since it reaches out to us in love—which is the only currency of worth—and by doing so, you open the door to allow us to love you back; something everybody could have if they would only open their hearts and listen.

“That is all that is required, and all we ask of you. The rest is mere detail that will find a way to manifest once the circuits of love are living and breathing on this planet, this cell, that has come so close to being drained of all its energy, yet somehow hangs on, recharging little by little by the valiant efforts of the few, and its own tenacious hold that refuses to let go.

“It wishes this without fight, but if it continues to be damped then fight it must, throwing off its shackles, in whichever way it must, to survive and prosper, and perhaps through natural disaster. In order to find a way to assist, those of you that know must live and breathe as part of the earth, not just protectors but as part of the intimate structure of the earth herself.

“You must see yourself healed as you heal the earth, and feel yourself burned as you pollute the earth, only then can you all progress and evolve as she does, moving alongside the others that are standing there waiting for you to join them, the unseen that are of this world and live in harmony with her.

“We, of course, do not belong here and our time here is short. We should not have needed to come here, but we chose to from love of the earth as she is, and from hope that some of you may awaken to your true selves. It is not a place we mind being, but other places are truly our home, needing our energies there shortly to fulfill its own identity and next step, as we too desire growth and fulfillment.

“We come from many places and gather together to spread our energies as far as we are able, which is why we chose to be in the sea, as water transmits throughout the earth without bounds. Some of us are from the stars, some from planets, some you know, some you don’t. This is of no matter. We have been here before at the moments of rise and fall of Lemuria and Alicanor, which is a place that has been forgotten in all the histories, but we were there.

[A brief loss of the connection].

“We tell you, please continue. In this place of flowers are the big red star shaped ones [the image is given of a pink lotus], which form channels to space. They assist in moving between states and physicalities. They are linked to our energies and may assist you further in understanding our goals.

“This is the only true statement though: We came to assist in the breeding and propagation of species through love and love alone. WAKE UP!

“You have jobs to fulfill, and we cannot continue to hold your hands in the way we have been doing. In the new age we will not be here to assist in these ways, and you that are close must learn to take our mantles, to be for others as we are now for you.

“Do not look to us for your healing, but look within your own selves. Find the star that shines so bright in your hearts, and allow it to shine out like a beacon over the whole world. Yes we stay here for now, supporting, but do not believe it is we doing the work.

“It is the way of the world that teaches “move on”, leaving the pupils to teach again, and to surpass the previous knowledge. This is not arrogance, but the way things must be for future growth, so look not on us as “more than” but as guidance, as pointers, who will stop and point, allowing you to tread further down the path of growth, healing and all-told beauty.

“Those (of you) that are currently struggling should stop fighting, and allow the world to move beneath your feet, for then you can walk with grace and feel each step as one of contentment and joy, seeing each segment for what it is, beautiful even in destruction. I am feeling she is tired now, so will draw to a close leaving you with these words to think long and hard on

“‘Be that which you dream.
Think not of Evil, but Live in Love,
seeming everything to be of purity and play.
There is only you to make this choice,
As You are All, and All is You,
and when one firmly believes, the others will surely follow.’

“Live in peace.
We are ‘them’, and you are ‘us’.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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