Birthing Pains.


Cheshire, UK, February 14, 2005.

Christ Michael.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Michael: “My dear children, it is time I talked to you of serious subjects. Of the death, the destruction, and the trauma with which you as humanity find yourself faced at this point of time. There are many reasons for these events, some of which have been discussed within previous months. It is a grave time, there is much sorrow, there is much pain, and there is much suffering. And know that I pain and grieve as you do; I suffer as you do, and I feel the anguish and torment within so many souls.

“There is reason, though, behind these cataclysmic events. Rebirth is never easy. The birthing pangs run deep, and there is much blood spilt. Yet at the end of such an event, there is new life, a new miracle and joy. To wipe clean the blood and mucus, and allow its first breath and its first cry to the world. As Earth and Humanity birth themselves, the cries are heard throughout the Universe, and the Universe rejoices, and more nations, more races, and more beings understand the Divine within all beings.

“The contractions have been occurring now for some months. Shortly it will be time for the big push. There is a quiet before the storm, and this is unsettling some of you, and making others breathe a sigh of relief. This calm is temporary and more will come. During the next year, it is imperative that you hold your light firm, that you shine it strong, and that you be there as the anchors, the foundations on which humanity can build itself anew.

“By being there, holding my love deep within your heart, and proclaiming it as a beacon to all who would listen, you will assist greatly. The final push will require warriors like yourselves to stand true for all they know and believe in, and to stand true alongside our celestial allies, which have been assisting me through these difficult times. It will not be easy. I do not promise that, and I have never promised that. However, the rewards will more than suffice.

“Even as individuals, by holding the flame bright, you will know a joy and a peace within yourselves, as the final throes hit humanity. This is what it means to be a foundation. To stand solid no matter what the winds, no matter what the gales, or the tempest storm. Some of you may be required to bend a little. This is no bad thing either, for often the bending of supporting structures is what allows a structure to remain intact.

“What we ask from you is both simple and so very difficult; to remain in a position of love, and of peace, throughout the loudest of interruptions, throughout the most painful of events. But your struggle is necessary, and it is worth it. This is, I say again, the final push. And where sheer weight of numbers may not perform this easily, the strength and power, within each of you who choose this route, will be more than adequate to see Humanity through into its re-birth.

“Within months there will be conflicts. There will be more Earth changes, and momentous events. It will be a time when the world is turned upside down, when it is shaken, and nothing will remain the same. Do not despair. Cry out to me whenever you feel downhearted, whenever you feel you cannot bear any more, for I am with you all. And the millions of celestials that look upon this world now also cradle it within a sling of golden light, protecting and buffering, to ensure that each one of you who requires assistance may receive it within an instant.

“The Universe watches with bated breath for this new miracle, and we salute you; those of humanity who choose to assist in this difficult, dangerous, but ultimately rewarding time beyond all hopes and expectations. This job, which shall bring joy and light to the entirety of your local Universe, as one of the lost planets, and one so blessed and so fortunate and so important within the histories of All that Is, rejoins us, working side by side, will spread Divine knowledge, of light, love and of peace.

“I leave you now with tenderness for each and every one of you. You know Me within your heart, and I know you, for you are all within mine. I hold you gently, and give you courage and peace so that you may have the strength to accomplish all that you are able.

“Let the power of Humanity shine. I AM Michael, Creator Son.”

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