This Blessing is a Badge of Honor.


Cheshire, UK, February 22, 2005.


Received by Helen Whitworth.

Monjoronson: “The ways of the world grow ever stranger as the Earth moves closer into the Light of the Divine, and more and more circuits are re-opened to assist humanity with her preparations for the arrival of Monjoronson.

“There is still much to do, but we say again that this preparation can be most easily achieved by working on your self above all. By this work you are able to find the core of that which fires your passion, and that to which you are called upon the path of this lifetime.

“These paths are wide and varied, but know that not one of you has as your greatest potential anything, in which you heart does not rejoice, and from which you can find peace, growth, joy and understanding. If your heart does not sing upon performing acts, then it is not in your path to follow.

“Be strict with yourself then, and throw away those extraneous practices, which do not support you, regardless of the efficacy with which they assist another, or the passion they evoke within your relatives or friends. Never was a path fully satisfied by following another’s passion.

“Do not expect either your path to be set before you as a fully drawn map. Few are those who understand their lives in this way, and often you will learn more by finding yourself the twists and turns of each step. Your path, too, may change over time in ways you never considered possible. It may head in one direction for a while, and then seem to face against that later. If you continue to trust in your hearts knowledge, and the guidance of your celestial teachers, then you will not, and cannot, go wrong.

“Many of the hardest trials are your biggest lessons—those events that call you to look deeper within yourself than you thought possible, plumbing into the very core of your soul, to cry out in desperation or anguish as you strive for understanding. These lessons bring you strength and wisdom, and the ability to know that all that passes is only temporary within the eyes of the Lord.

“Know too that as your work struggles on within your own life, then that work is also mirrored within the work of humanity, and oft-times you will look around to see the same fears being breached, the same trials faced, and the same accomplishments applauded within humanity as a whole as within your life. This is because you as individuals are mirrors for the greater mass energies upon Earth, as they are also mirrors for your own.

“This is the principle of the macrocosm and microcosm again, showing that all of earth is all of you, and all of creation sits within-side you, as you sit inside it.

“Moving forward from these thoughts of the smaller making the whole and the whole reflecting the small, then consider how this fits within the wider Kingdom of God; that as Earth retains such interesting energies and unusual evolution that reflects into the eye of God through the local universe and the super universe. Whilst truly a planet of turmoil and trouble, it has also provided the Divine with a situation never planned for and as such an experiment which proves most fascinating to all who watch.

“It is with great excitement that this planet is watched, to see whether beings containing the Divine spark must by their nature fight their way back to the surface despite the heaviness of their surroundings, or whether at some point that light becomes extinguished.

“Imagine our joy and celebration at seeing that however dark the situation on Earth, however much you earth beings forget that which you are, and the beauty of the universal structures around you, that you do continue, for the most part, to fight. It brings us the greatest of joy each time one being looks up to the heavens from the darkest of moments, and allows the flame within their hearts to catch alight.

“We never expected such as rallying force, and never expected the great tenacity born of hardship upon this planet—that a planet’s inhabitants may fall so far from grace, yet return again and look to us once more to claim their Divine birthright and heritage.

“We applaud you, sons and daughters of Adam, recipients of the greatest gift of the bestowal, and the legacy of the rebellion. You have proved yourselves of stern stuff, regardless of the biological and energetic inefficiencies now so bred into your very beings.

“You are truly Children of God, and we bow down before you for your fortitude and perseverance, as we extend also our hands to you to greet you into a new day, a new age of mankind and the Divine upon Earth.

“Your planet rejoices with you, too, as for the first time she sees those who seek to reclaim her health from the destruction of recent times, and she sighs a breath of relief as she knows better times are soon to arrive around the corner.

“Give trust to your fellow man, see the best in each and every one of you, and rejoice in yourself, this miracle of creation that has come so far in so short a time, and we will rejoice with you.

“Hold your God firm within your heart. Issue decrees of service, if it is your will, and stride alongside us as the Corps of Destiny, awaiting further orders and revelations within your lives as these need arise. Michael knows each and every one of you, and as a representative of Him upon Earth, I know you all, too.

“There is much work to be done, but with such beautiful shining souls of light and love, all valiantly forging forward (on) new ground to bring light to those darkest of places, it is certain that we shall succeed.

“Bend your heads now, Dear ones, as you finish reading this document, and stop a while in silent prayer, and I shall bless each and every one of you in the name of Michael. Sit, and allow the energy to infuse your very being, and know that this blessing is a badge of honour upon your hearts, and wear it as such.

“I AM Monjoronson.”

Receiver’s notes: I bend my head low, and feel my crown tingle, then my body fills with heart energy, beauty and peace, and my vision floods with magenta. I whisper, ‘I give my life to you Michael.’ I hear ‘You have done well, my daughter.’

My heart is still burning with heat as I complete this. And the world is aglow.

Urantia Book Paper 114

11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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