You Are Children of the Light.


Discussion with Celeste, the Dolphin.

US of A, sometime in 1996.

Dolphin Celeste.

Contributing 11:11 Angels Receiver.

Receiver reporting: I took my shower and soon afterward I began to get a constant flow of information coming to me from Celeste. The energy I understood was coming from a dolphin. Later, I went to my computer and began to type what I had heard.

I was told that Dolphins are telepathically connected to many forms of life on this planet, which mankind has not even dreamed about existing. That it is imperative to our future evolution that we begin to recognize on a deeper, wider level how important this information is to the stability and growth of humankind as a whole. The dolphins have been working for a very long time to implant this information into the available psyches of those humans who had shaken off the sleep of a distorted past to become willing Lightworkers for humankinds next spiritual evolutionary step.

It was explained to me that all people, no matter the group, are, and have been, being worked with on subliminal levels, and this is why we were taught about subliminal messages, and given the technology for designing the ‘hidden’ holographic pictures that were all the rage in recent years. We are being taught to experience life on different levels—to hear differently, see differently, and understand differently. Many are becoming aware of this, as experience begins to show them that they are now experiencing life in an entirely different way. They are becoming attuned to these newer and finer vibrations of Light and are becoming more and more willing to see, as they become increasingly more grounded in these greater universe truths or laws.

Each group is weaving a fabric, to analogize, and hidden within this fabric is one small piece to the puzzle, or design, which is intended to be gifted to humankind when the time is right. Not until each tiny piece is given and accepted into the individual group fabrics, will the integration process begin whereby humankind will finally begin to internalize and externalize the incredible gifts they’ve been given. This will be the so called “end times”, where all the past teachings, save Love, will drop away, and a New Era of life on this planet will begin. This will be the real beginning of the days of Light and Life on this world. We have yet a ways to go before all the individual pieces are in place, yet with each day we are coming closer to that reality [end of report].

Celeste: “Understand, you are cherished, each of you, for the work that you do. You underestimate your contribution, and entirely miss understanding how powerful you will one day become. And yet, the intensity of this ‘power’ will be working in and toward the manifestation of Light on this world. No longer will the old paradigms be utilized as models, where personal power equates to self-aggrandizement, and self-centeredness, but rather will it become a blessing to all who stand within its radiant circle of influence. You are children of the Light and are now coming into a time of a more universal understanding of this fact.”

Set out below is a discussion with a Dolphin called Celeste. In part it is a report of the conversation, in part a transmission. We have dated it July 1, 1996 for archiving purposes, but in reality only the year is now known.

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