Accept your Gifts.


Cheshire, UK, February 8, 2005.

Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “We wish to talk briefly to you about one more thing. The nature of your life over the next year or two will change inordinately from that with which you live now. The surface details of these are just that, the surface, your change in work circumstances, and the traveling, which you have agreed to do. What will change more greatly is that within your heart, that within your comprehension, and that within the world around you.

“Shortly, you will not recognise yourself as the young woman who sits here now, as you, indeed, do not always recognise the girl from ten years ago. There is much you are called to jettison, baggage, which holds you back within your path, within your life. There is also much that sustains you, which will continue to sustain you within your future times. Be sure that you know the difference between these, and do not throw away that which brings you joy, peace and happiness.

“Do not make judgments based on society’s reckonings, or on anti-society’s reckonings, for this is also a trait within yourself and within others that may cause harm to you walking the fullest of your light within your path. Do not assume that all of society is not serving the Divine, or the path. The Divine is able to be seen within any path, within any circumstance, and to make judgment upon the situation within which you work now would be a grave mistake.

“Aspects of yourself, which are to continue within your new life, sustaining you and assisting you to grow may surprise you. We will, at times, bring these to your attention if necessary, but also the more time you spend considering each moment, each aspect, each direction of your path, each circumstance within the life around you now, and evaluating it for truth from within your heart. The occurrences, which will surprise you, will be fewer and you will find it easier to accept them with grace and understanding.

“As always at the beginning of a new life, it is easy to trust nothing and to doubt everything, to feel that this new life must be a polar opposite of what has gone before. We say to you again, do not judge, but allow it to fall as it should, and allow again the concentration to remain on that which is truly your path, and not what you wish as your path.

“A red apple may spend its existence wishing to be green. This will not assist. It is unable to change that which it is at base. However, through fully experiencing itself as a red apple, it is able to understand the entirety of the world, and also that of the green.

“Do not ever wish to be that which you are not, and always accept humbly the gifts that you have been given. Neither look to downplay them, for gifts are gifts, and a gift given to an individual is a gift given to a nation, to all of humanity. It is not yours to hold back. To do so would be selfish. So stand tall within your gifts, accept them as such, praise the creator of yourself and your gifts, and praise the gifts and the creator of those you see around you, for each person has their own unique blend, of life, of love, and of the divine laws, which makes them truly perfect, and a gift to all, everywhere.

“I say once more, shine your light with pride. Step out in certainty, but lay aside arrogance, lay aside fear, and lay aside any doubts of your worthiness, and stride with us, for we will be by your side.

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