Limitless Loving.


Illinois, US of A, February 15, 2005.

Christ Michael.

Received by Melissa.

Michael: “Dearest Children of the Light, your desires for a deeper, more intimate relationship with a fellow human being appears very real to you. More than ever, there is an undeniable internal pull for this type of sacred connection to be made with another. Do not despair, but instead acknowledge your feelings and indeed honor them, for they hold a very important message for you, sent directly from your heart into your mind.

“Yet it is in your mind where the distortions lie. The part of your mind which is not in tune with your Oneness with the Creator would have you believe that in order for you to fill those desires of your heart, you must find this one other person to share your love with. In fact, this very cunning part of your mind would also have you believe that unless you find this one person to walk the rest of your days with, you will never be complete, or ever totally happy.

“Sweet children, as I now lovingly hold you in my arms, know this; it is not only unnatural, but also impossible to love people more or less than other people. This is true for the simple fact that our Creator does not love this way. We are all loved totally and equally by our Creator, and you, my dear children, are meant to love, as does our Creator.

“In essence, you ARE the Creator. By feeding into the myth that there are different levels of love, and therefore believing that there is only one person “out there” with whom you are meant to be, exclusively, is wherefrom stem all the illusions surrounding relationships. You are not here to further the belief in separation, yet that is exactly what you are trying to accomplish by believing that, until you find the perfect person, you are incomplete.

“If this myth were true, that would mean that it was not only possible for you to separate yourself from the rest of the world, but you would also be separating that one other person together with yourself.

“My dear Children, it is time to trade in your old, small dreams for something much, much grander, much more divine, much more real. For those of you who already find yourself in partnership with another, you may notice that the more you evolve, the more you are finding yourself falling in love with more people in addition to your current partner. For some, this is causing great confusion, and even some guilt. Allow the clouds of confusion to pass, as I promise you they surely will.

“Our Creator understands the delicate nature of your human emotions, and I promise you that as you begin to consciously ask for only His Will to be Done, no one will be hurt by you honoring your heart’s desire to expand your love. You shall never again feel guilty for loving someone. You are all just a thought away from complete freedom. I love you so much.

“I am Michael.”

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