The Star Of Nebadon.


Ohio, US of A, February 16, 2005.

As Yet Unknown Teacher.

Received by Elaine.

Teacher: “This world is such a beautiful place, yet many do not realize how fortunate they are to live on Urantia—the “star” planet in the universe of Nebadon.

“Your planet has gone through many trials, and has suffered greatly. But look around you! The worst is over! There is light already around you! Turn your face heavenward and feel the light on your skin. Let it this life-changing light seep into every pore of your being.

“As each person awakens to his or her potential, the light will grow brighter. Everyone will do their part. Everyone will contribute in their own way to this change.

“Ask the Eternal Father what He wishes for you to do. There may be many tasks or there may be just a few, but to listen to His Voice is so important.

“Listen to Father, and let Him lead you every day. I know you have heard this before, but it is most essential! Father is with you even now. He’s always there, ready to talk to you if you would just open your heart and listen.

“You become discouraged by what you perceive as your lack of progress, but I tell you things are as they should be. You are learning, you are growing. We see the progress you make and we rejoice.

“All are doing their parts, and this wonderful planet is changing. Urantia, the star of Nebadon, indeed, will soon shine like a beacon to all who have much to overcome. Let this knowledge fill your heart with peace and joy. You are much loved.”

Receiver’s note: It must be a ‘test of faith’ for me to receive without being able to find out my Teacher’s name, but I'm happy to serve in any small way I can.

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