Stay In His Light.


Denver, Colorado, US of A, January 22, 2004.

AhmaNiden Melchizedek.

Received by Joilin.

Receiver’s note: I asked AhmaNiden if he would give me a lesson today, and he responded.

AhmaNiden: “I will, child, let us begin. On your world today, there are many opportunities to provide service to your siblings. Sometimes, it can be as simple as picking up the telephone, and calling on a friend you have not communicated with for some time, allowing that friend to tell you what is heavy on their heart and listen with your own open heart.

“Or it can be as simple as giving the right of way to a stranger, or allowing them to move into the flow of traffic from a side street, rather than ignoring them and refusing them entry. Or even simpler still, opening your heart and smiling at a stranger, giving them a kind word if the opportunity presents itself.

“How many times do we resist these simple but powerful tools the Father presents to us on a daily basis?

“Go out today and open your heart to those you come in contact with. Allow your Father to use you as His tool to work in the hearts of others. Not only will they be uplifted, but you will be, as well. Shalom Little One. Stay in His Light.”

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