Science and Spirituality—Part One.


Guernsey, UK, June 30, 2004.

Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “I welcome the chance to speak in this way, and thank you for the honor given myself and the channel in allowing our words to be spread in this manner.

“I am a being who comes from a part of the universe, which you have not named.

“I have spent some time on earth in the past, but mostly my work has been in deeper space, with the electromagnetic signals, movements, resonance and structures that tie together the basis of nature at a microscopic level and at a universal level.

“I am assisting at this time on earth in helping the new science to be brought forward, to be remembered by the souls that have progressed to that perspective previously, and to help teach the new—those to whom the concepts have been forgotten since the time that they splintered from the Great Central Sun and the light of the Divine.

“I work with several people. One is the channel here, which works most especially with metaphysics. She uses concepts to look at the links with physics and I assist her in this.

“There are others who take those concepts, and who are working on details, finding the equations that govern the Energetics, Quantum Physics, Relativity, within Laser Technology and within Lattice Structure, Super Conductors, Hypertension and struts of space-time.

“There are yet others that work on the manifestation of these equations into material matter, using the mathematics with engineering to start producing things that will help the race of humans in its evolution.

“I work in a group of six. There are others like me that work with other numbers, and who work with similar groups of people to assist with transmissions of parts of knowledge. We each have our specialties and we are each happy to work within this way.

“In addition to my work with science, natural philosophy is important in my teaching.

“All beings, as they evolve, learn to master this subject and learn to find the meaning within the clues laid before them, as however far we evolve there are entities more evolved than ourselves.

“There are parts of each entity that are inextricably connected to the God Source, and all that holds the life print of the God Source is capable of receiving information from the highest level. I am useful as a translator.

“Much of the information that is downloaded directly into yourselves, is not comprehendible at the level of consciousness you currently possess—at least, not within your waking reality.

“Many of you understand so much more of the universe in your central Selves than you know within your physical day to day lives. I assist in bringing this information to the fore by couching it in terms that are understood and understandable, and allowing a clearer understanding of the concepts that you already know fully within that central spark.

“Of course, then I have to teach in that manner as a school teacher does not begin by describing Quantum Fluctuation, but perhaps a basic description of the difference between solid, liquid and gas. Then, too, I may make simplification in the teachings I give to you through the six receivers of my energy on this earth.

“It does not make it invalid, but it gives starting points for you to learn and find your own truth. I do not teach what is wrong, but I may obscure the complexities, or indeed simplicities, for that which you are not yet ready to comprehend.

“The reason for this is simple. Having been damped for so long, your energy systems are not capable of comprehending the All that Is, all at once. The energy system would overload, because even in the clearest of you there are still damping forces. These are becoming smaller and soon they will be minimal.

“You also live within a particular dimensional structure and this too causes limitations.

“There is no limit to what you can know, and comprehend, at the higher levels of your dimensional realities. There is a limit to how much you can comprehend within your full physical manifestation state.

“More of you will spend more and more time in the higher realities and find that it is no longer so frustrating that you do not know all in the physical, because you will trust that the information, relevant for this plane, and when you are fully within your body, will resonate through from your higher bodies, and you will just Know.

“This requires the taking in trust of what your heart tells you. Know that it is correct. Know that your heart knows you the best. It knows what you need, what you can manage and how to take the next step.

“Its beating is an oscillation, which draws a map in higher dimensions. The Sphere of True Self. These oscillations work through several parts of your body: through your breath, which you can use to traverse the dimensions; your heart, through which the divine love of the All that Is Source of God assists in spreading that resonance of dimensions through your whole being and through the entirety of your environment, and the cycles of your brain which allow for higher knowledge, higher insights, and more complete comprehensions of the diversity and makeup of the parts that form the parts of the whole.

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