Transmitting Receiving – Part One.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 19, 2003

Sanobim, “Lady”

Cherubim “What-About-Bob”

Midwayer Chief, Gorman

Received by Gerdean Bowen

Lady: “There was some talk that Gorman was coming to see you this evening but I haven’t seen him yet, and that may well be where Bob has gone (to get Gorman).  I know we made this appointment last week so I’ll not be dissuaded from our appointment.  Can I do anything for you while we anticipate Gorman’s arrival and Bob’s return?  Well, speak of the Devil!”

Participant (joking): “Is he here, too?”

Bob: “He has been banished from our sight.  This is What-about-Bob.  I’m not even a Devil’s Advocate.  I am truly harmless.  Good evening.”

Participant: “Good to see you.”

Bob: “I have indeed brought Gorman with me because the message was clearly written in the ethers, yes, if you like, but there are questions having to do with the transmitting experience, and it is Gorman’s expertise.  Let me just put Gorman on the line, as it were, and I will stand here with my mate, observing your interchange.  Okay?”

Gorman: “Gorman here.  Good evening, comrades.  It’s rather gusty in your environment, and it does have bearing on the receptivity of a transmitter/receiver – a broadcast station.  I am going to forge ahead in the face of the mayhem around us.  We shall be the calm in the eye of the hurricane.

“Hi, George!  It’s good to be in your energy field again.  I have been enjoying the communal work you are doing with Gerdean.  It is networking, fellow-shipping at its best, mutually supportive and ultimately in praise of real deity.  Participant, would you be so good as to present the concerns posed in George’s post?”

Participant: “Okay.  First one:  What do we do with beginners’ work?  Do we simply place it aside and advise the channeler to try, try and try again?  Become perfect first?  Do we discourage them?  Encourage them?  Do we simply fail to respond and therewith also discourage the new channeler?”

Gorman: “All right.  I’ll address that.  Thank you for asking.  It is a sensitive question, having to do with ethics, if you will, more than fraternity, but with fraternity as a root connection, it calls for diplomacy, and perhaps even teaching, because you see, you are not in a position of just being anybody.  You are a moderator of a list.  In fact, you are the navigator of a concept – a viable reality, one in which you have invested your life.

“It is, therefore, your work as well as your play and so you do have a responsibility to the integrity of the platform you have created and the principle you have founded, fostered, and would develop if given any opportunity.  However, these would-be receivers in this stage of Phase II are often, though not always impresarios, or impressionists, and this is fine because it helps them gain a personal intuitive sense of the caliber of communication they aspire to reach.  It is not the same as children playing dress-up or adult roles, and yet there is a sweet similarity.

“There is nothing more damaging than to discourage someone’s intent to communicate with the divine by saying “It isn’t good enough.”  And so, of course, you want to nurture along the budding broadcast station.  But it is EVER true, you cannot transmit what you haven’t got; and if you are young, you haven’t got much because you haven’t lived much, and that’s the truth.  Relatively speaking.  But of course there are always exceptions.  There is always the very young old man, and the very old soul of a boy.  But in the main, it requires handling the situation with kid gloves.

“But here you bring up an interesting point because what if they emit what they know and it is clear to you that what they know isn’t worth its salt – if only because you have lived longer and wizened some in the process.  Well, that’s where the ethics come in, because you don’t want to disavow a person’s religious experience.  But you can – if you are wise – debunk falseness.  But how do you know what is false and what is true?

“This, my boy, is where you benefit from having the textbook, the simple fact of creation and development in the universe as presented by the scholars who put that text together.  There are enough general guidelines there to establish a wave of reality that could carry this planet into the next epoch, the next dispensation.  But what we certainly do not need is more retardation, more arguing philosophy and theology along the way.

“If there is some truth, if it contributes in some way, to some one’s enlightenment; if it helps bring one individual in their peculiar and original (if demented) mentality to the recognition of the love of God, it is well worth the embarrassment of putting on your site a transmission that is most likely going to be subjected to a pelting with tomatoes.

“It, therefore, will require you to be attentive, paternal and creative in dealing with your young progeny, for these are truly your progeny, George.  They are your charges, as it were.  Yes.  And you are in a position to guide and counsel them, knowingly and lovingly, as a Father, as a mentor, and with great sincerity.  Encourage the little nippers OR intimate emphatically their talents may lie in other gifts.  Have they tried healing?

“Is that helpful, George?”

“I suppose this is something you want to put on your list.  I’m not going to suggest how you are going to have to edit this.  That is your job; you are the editor.  Anything else there?

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