The Father’s Love and Compassion.


Illawarra District, Australia, June 15, 2003

Unknown Teacher (A Friend)

Received by George Barnard

A Friend: “My name is unpronounceable, my number is of great length. I am a teacher, temporarily assigned to this planet, and when we complete this conversation, you may ‘print my words’, my new friend.

“I will speak to you this evening about the Father Creator. By Him, through Him, and in Him we live in the time/space creations that are His universes, whilst He continues to reside in Paradise’s eternity, also.

“By, through, and in the Father’s Love and Compassion we came into existence, and it is this same Love and Compassion that sustains us. Compassion - kindness, warmth and empathy, and here I have arrived on a world where great number of individuals is lacking in, or entirely bereft of this love and compassion.

“Even for their selves!

“Yet the Father Creator chooses to place us, His material and morontia beings in His evolving, yet to be perfected universes, and therefore He does not expect us to be perfect. No indeed. He expects us to become perfect, and He knows that will take a long time.

“And yet this lengthy journey cannot continue, and in fact it cannot even commence, unless we ‘gather within ourselves’ the capacity to nurture a loving disposition for all, and even for our imperfect selves.

“The ability to express compassion for all, even to our erring selves.

“They are the prudent who leave behind yesterday’s mistakes in complete self-forgiveness, but for the lessons they learned from them, and to then face each new dawn as if it were their very first, when they shall dwell in the Father’s unreserved Love and never-ending Compassion.

“My love goes to all. I am a friend.”

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