The Loss Of Emotions - Reach Out In His Name.


Idaho, US of A;  September 11, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Char

Received by Sandy Montee

Char: "Hello Sandy. I have been giving you prompts for the last twenty-four hours, but I'm still pleased you finally decided to lend me your ear."

Sandy: "I know, Char, but look at what we accomplished today. I couldn't have done it without you, but I'm sorry. I just get involved in projects. I think I am a workaholic. It’s a learned behavior dating back to my childhood, I think."

Char: "Lets talk about ‘Emotions’ today. Varied emotions are so much ‘a human thing,’ and they can often run riot. You experience emotions as positive or negative, good or bad. You can experience happiness or anger, in laughter or with tears, and you can impact on your world with acts of kindness, but even cruelty, as a result.

"The list can go on, and different personalities necessarily show different emotional characteristics, and therefore greatly dissimilar needs. Where the real difficulties in healing come into play, is when a person’s emotions go out of control, or where there are so many problems that he or she just goes numb, and becomes unemotional about even the most horrid of happenings.

"I have heard it being said that the individual has become emotionally unavailable, or emotionally dead, to not even allow himself or herself to love anyone else. And this state of mind can be the result of long-term hardships, sudden trauma, or by not having learned to love through having uncaring parents, and yet the community at large can remedy so much of this. They are valued human children in His eyes.

"Relatively ancient as I am in your terms, and having seen much of it in my life, I am saddened by the sheer epidemic proportions of it on your planet. I am here talking about so many teenagers, especially, who believe that no one understands, or loves them. They may turn to drugs, or alcohol, to numb their feelings and get themselves into an addiction they think will make the often unrealized problem of not knowing love go away, if even for a little while.

"They seek relief from that mystery pain in life that is brought on by rejection, and soon their lives become unmanageable and it may take more and more drugs to satisfy their cravings. They now wish for the feeling of not caring. A vicious cycle brings them to the point where they can no longer feel any emotions. This is the hopelessness that can and does convince your young people they no longer want to live. And yet, help is there for them to handle their emotions.

"It takes tact and understanding, courage and perseverance, but even the most distant, shy, or stubborn youth can be reached when you allow your deeper mind to perceive the answer to what caused those blunted, or runaway emotions, and a life hanging in the balance can be healed, when that tiny spark of light and hope is made to reappear. And so often have I witnessed that those who most need our help, those who cry out to be understood, become the contributors of your tomorrows.

"One and all, you are the Master’s representatives on this world. You are His troopers, His helpers, His apostles, when you reach out in His name. Your earthly journey on this blighted world is ever so short, your rewards ever so great, when you follow in His footsteps, and set out to love and heal your entire world, one lonely, loveless, lost, and unloved person at the time.

"I thank you for listening to me, and for being my dear friend.

"This is Midwayer Char."

Note:  I worked in my garden almost all day, and Char was there, too. Long ago, but clear memories of a young boy at a Youth Ranch (Academy) where I worked kept playing on my mind. Then came this transmission - Sandy.

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