The War, and Remaining Balanced.


Idaho, US of A, November 15, 2001.

Teacher David -- Introducing Teacher Gracie -- Machiventa and Isaac.

Received by Gloria and Sandy

Note: A tape recorder malfunction caused the loss of the first segment of this transmission. The telephone rang, and transmission was interrupted. There was no one on the line, but then we all noticed the tape recorder was not running as it should have done. We asked David to repeat his earlier message. He agreed.

David (TR Sandy): "Yes, let us review what has been said, because it is so very important, and it will not hurt us to go over it again. This message is for all on the 11.11 List.

"We have chosen this contact group to help out wherever possible in the task ahead. Urantia is in a time of war, and so many atrocities are going to be perpetrated, that we recommend you absorb just enough news information to know what is going on, and no more. The human mind can only take in so much of the deaths and killings in the horrible events that are coming to pass, without some folks 'losing it'."

"The most important thing for you to do is to hold on tight to the ones you love, and stick together, so that you can have some semblance of normalcy in your lives. Maybe, don't (indistinguishable)."

"Let us take the present time as an example. We see many killings in Afghanistan, but it has hardly begun. It will become a time of mass killings, and you can be of no help to us if you are so involved that you cannot 'think peace and tranquillity'."

"I know that you are wondering about Machiventa's place in all of this. Machiventa is the head of many Celestial Teachers, and, of course, of the Midwayers. This morning, one of you wondered why the Midwayers would not go into the hiding places of the Taliban and Al Qaeda Terrorists to shut down their life-supporting generators. We are doing all we can, but it is impossible for us to stop men on a rampage, who think that killing their brothers and sisters is either sanctioned, or appreciated, by 'their God'."

"This is exactly what we don't want you to do: We do not want you to try to figure out what is happening, or why we are allowing these things to happen. There is an overall picture that is clearer to us, but utterly mind boggling to you. And, please, take care of yourselves first. We will ask of you to communicate more often with Andrea, and follow her instructions. Or follow Machiventa's instructions, thereby facilitating some progress to the status within your realm of communication."

"We have long been watching you, and training you, for you to be able to function well with us when and where we deem this to be necessary. Hold onto the fact that you had better not let yourself get so upset or involved that you are of very little use to us."

"I hope that I'm making myself clear enough, and right now it is not easy for me to communicate, because there is so much emotional upset going on -- so much fear. Try to turn the negative into the positive, and while you see the Great War of your time unfolding, stay within the comfort of God, and turn that negative into a positive. Your worries and concerns will not do any good. So, try to stay aloof of all this, and rest assured that we will be there at any time you call us."

"I am committed to seeing all of you through this difficult period, and let us talk frequently to keep up with the changing circumstances, so you will not feel at a complete loss where you can do nothing about anything. Communication with me will be instantaneous when you call."

"I would like to step aside for a while and let someone else in to speak with you."

Teacher Gracie Introduced.

"A Golden Road of Spiritual Progress."

Gracie (TR Gloria): "Hello to you all. I would like to introduce myself. I will be called, Gracie."

Group: "Welcome, Gracie."

Gracie: "I am an associate of David, and I have long been observing this group. I come from a planet much like yours, so I have been "inputting" my experience to the degree I observed and learned on my own planet. Although it has been many, many years since I lived there, I still remember the feelings and worries and concerns that I had as a mortal of that realm."

"I am now beginning to understand more about the importance of inner balance. I constantly still deal with my own inner balance, as this is an ever ongoing process. The process of inner balance -- if you will -- is subject to day to day dialogue, observance, and an inner awareness of where your inner roads (thoughts) are taking you at any time. You can get sidetracked for days on a road that becomes nothing but a trail that even a deer would have a hard time discerning. If you would simply observe, you could find that, frequently, your road is winding down to nothing, and taking you nowhere."

"You can always find your inner balance, if you will go directly to your center, and you will then see many roads taking many different directions going out from your center. You can look down each road, and for a great distance, with the power of your mind and imagination. And soon you will realize that either this road, or another, will take you nowhere, although, it may well become a sightseeing trip that may have some significance, or even a cruise line trip that will give you a small amount of pleasure or entertainment."

"You need only be silent, go into the center of your being, find your balance point, and observe a road of golden light. Once you perceive this road, you will hardly be able to detect those many side roads as clearly as you saw them before. Your path will be laid out for you, and you will easily determine which road you want to travel."

"You can even choose to take the side trips for a time -- stay with them for a short while, days, months, or even years. But the road lined with golden light will always be directly in front of you, although it has no barriers that may stop you from leaving it. You ever have your free will choice. Yet, if you start to go off on one of these side paths, you may instantly feel slightly confused, or frustrated, and start feeling an inner conflict."

"This will be a clue -- a red flag -- telling you that you have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Quickly realize this, find your balance, and get back onto that well lit path that is lined with the gold of progress, and where the "Hand of Love and Might" will lovingly guide you along."

"Remember, especially in these difficult times, and once you start to worry, or get upset, to go back into your center to once more find your direction. For each and every one of you, these paths will always differ. One cannot walk down the path prepared for another, nor assume control of the path of another. It is therefore essential that you give others the freedom of finding their own way, allowing each to work with their many personal gifts, their own contributions, allowing them to achieve their goals and peace of mind."

"In doing this, you are allowing them, too, to become stronger. Know that each of you is a dedicated citizen of this planet, much needed at this time to do the work that is required. An accompanying sense of clarity of purpose in your days will create for you that peace of mind, and easier balancing, therefore allowing you to go about your business without all the unnecessary diversion you can well do without."

"That is all I have for today. I'm so happy to be part of this extended family. I love you all, and extend my love out, even to all the citizens of this planet, especially to those who need better balance and peace of mind, which is presently most difficult to find in war-torn Urantia. I assure you that both David and I are at your beck and call. And, at times, we will be bringing you messages quite unannounced, which we know is with your permission."

"Thank you all for listening to me."

Group: "Thank you Gracie."

David (TR Gloria): "This is David again. I want you to know that I greatly appreciate having Gracie as an associate. It's all about input, learning, excursion, and at the same time it is about helping the many this group can reach along the path. Gracie is most beautiful, and she glows, as you can see. And I just plod along with so much heaviness about me… compared to Gracie."

"She 'lifts me up' and takes the weight from me, as I tend to, as I just said, let things weigh heavily on my shoulders when I do not need to. So, I want you to know that her lesson is for us, as well as for you all. We are doing everything we can to help the cause, but it can become as difficult for us as it can be for you. However, together we make a wonderful team, and I feel most honored to be a part of it."

"Our Brother Machiventa has entrusted me to come to you in this capacity, and, as you know, with these transmissions, others will come through regularly, or as they are needed. That is all I have for you today. There is another who wants to speak. Thank you for your time"

Group: "Thank you for your time, David."

Machiventa (TR Sandy): "Hello, this is Machiventa. I greet you all today with a lightened heart, because you are letting Teachers, David and Gracie, help both you, and me, and all who read this message, walk down a special path."

"Expect much assistance and compassion as you walk down Gracie's Golden Road of Spirituality, where we will proceed side by side into uncharted territory of intellectual progress, and the learning of valuable spiritual lessons, that will regularly be thrust upon us all."

"I am not so different from human beings in that I cannot take the time to love, honor, and respect, all those who are truly doing Michael's work."

"Imagine your taking the hand of Gracie -- or any Celestial Teacher -- and your lighting up with the energy you receive from her. She is so very positive, and, when you stray off the path, she will nudge you back onto that Golden Road, where you attain your enlightenment."

"We few, who are gathered here, all know each other beyond normal everyday circumstances, and I am so happy to have these two Celestial Helpers, and many others, working with you, so you can pass onto those all you learn."

"Look only towards love for each other, and for your Teachers, and don't let any hatred 'come into your center' on any account."

"Together we will all march into any situation, and not fear a thing, as we have the protection of Michael at all times. Michael can do all, and see all, and Michael can already see the golden touch of Gracie, as she will love you as a true sister does."

(Some in the group are now looking at Gracie.)

"Yes. She is indeed beautiful, and she is one of those Teachers who will keep "touching your heart" with peace, tranquillity, and serenity. And do not have doubts about her giving you a bit of a nudge if you are going down the wrong trail at the wrong time. Our Teachers will surely bring you back onto the road that will eventually lead to Paradise."

"I am pleased you have taken time out from your busy lives to have this session today, as we cannot be with you, if you do not ask for us."

"Presently, you have the potential for being hurt at a time when upsets are coming upon Urantia with great force. Feel our arms around you, and feel our love for you all, then take that same love and energy to embrace others with."

"I must say, I think we have done a great job of transmitting today, don't you?"

One of the group: "We certainly have!"

Machiventa: "We will be so close by you, that you will not have any need for that telephone to be in contact with us. I must also tell you that Gracie has plans for you, and the first of her plans is to teach you to dance. You can sing, too… if you must. She won't run away."

One of the group: "I just love her long curly hair."

Machiventa: "We all send our love, and keep that happiness close to your heart."

"I take my leave. I am Machiventa."

Group: "Goodbye, Machiventa."

Isaac (TR Sandy): "I am Isaac. Yes, this is Isaac, and I take the liberty of impersonating Machiventa, when he says, 'I am Machiventa!'

"I'm not too sure if they wanted me to talk with you today. But I just will not go away without poking a little fun here. We keep company with 'people' in high places. But let me assure you they care, and try hard to not let things get them down."

"I have been blessed by Michael, in that He lets me do important jobs, allowing me to sing while I work. I may even take Gracie with me on my travels sometimes. She is so brilliant and so beautiful. I refuse to let burdens get me down, and I will laugh, and play, and be myself in spite of anything that may come."

"I'm not too sure that the people on the Golden Path would appreciate all of my antics. However, I will always push my way in to communicate with you. This… is just the way it is!"

"I love you all, and take care."

Group: "See you later, Isaac."

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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