Learning Self-Taught Patience On Your Path.


US of A, October 14, 2003

Christ Michael.

Contributing Receiver

Michael: "Today, My children, I ask you to be patient with one another. Patience is not an easy labor. There is much in all your lives to test your patience. You have trials, and often, for the Path we tread together is an uphill climb with only short periods of rest along the way.

"You must learn patience, for it is not a gift to be granted, and it is a futile cry to ask the Father for patience, since it is only gained through trials. And who among you would petition for more trials to come your way?

"Trials are the guaranteed part of the terrain of your garden. They are, indeed, the rocks on the Path and for many they are great stumbling blocks.

"So today I ask you to practice patience with one another. There are many who have trials far greater than yours. These brothers and sisters need all the kindness you can muster up to give them.

"As you walk your Path today, there may be strangers for you to encounter. You will not know about the weighty burdens they might carry. And I assure you that a tender smile, a patient, gentle kindness may do far more than you could ever know to lift their heavy loads.

"You may think that I have asked too little of you today, my children. But no! I ask you to cultivate patience.

"The daily lessons will require ever more of you, for the curriculum builds one step upon the other. You will never be asked to give more than you are capable of. Onward! Each day brings much that needs be done, for this is all the Father's Business.

"Allow your day to unfold using both patience and kindness. These are my words for today. And for every day."

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