A Natural Progression.


(From the Desk of George Barnard).

Some few days ago I received a transmission from one of our regular 11:11 receivers, and this morning I once more contemplated what she wrote—words to this effect: “This transmission came through a couple of days back. It is part dictated, part dumped (into my lap), and left for co-creation.” The receiver’s comments brought to mind a message from Primary Midwayer, Andréa (see URL below), and right then, right there, Athena came through.

Athena: “My dearest, dearest, much loved brother and friend, this is Athena who “mothers over you,” who loves you like her very own flesh-and-blood child, like a part of herself, and perhaps even more. To us; your Celestial Comrades, you are all so very special. You are like the wayward children in a well-behaved family. You are the treasured darlings that need extra tuition to pass the simple exams of infant schooling. You are those handicapped by the (Lucifer) Rebellion, short-changed of the Adamic input, the waifs and slaves of your governmental, political and economic dilemmas. You are handcuffed and in leg irons in myriad ways, but you are survivors of whom we are so very proud.

“Your innate stubbornness and anger, once under control, makes you the motivators and achievers of your universe. Your greed and jealousies, once tamed, make you the ones who sublimate, and contribute for the good of all in the most astounding ways. So many of your common methods of ego defense will eventually bring profitable outcomes, and they are your Celestial Teachers that encourage you to self-analyze, and change your ways, for then, the brilliant, shining lights of your maturing souls and minds are the greatest of our rewards.

“I am Athena, who mothers you, holds you close to her heart, and loves you so. Now carry on with your task as I step back.”

The Receiver/Co-creator.

The task of a receiver of Celestial messages is an important one. If the information is kept to oneself, it is only of minor use if duly acted upon. If shared with many hundreds of others through mailing lists and website posting, they are invaluable. When archived for posterity, as a record of these early years of the Correcting Time, their worth cannot be estimated.

Our Celestial Teachers, however, have a task beyond the passing on of new information. The receivers do not simply set aside a little time each day for years on end to provide a service. There is an end goal in mind—the progressive spiritualization of the receiver—and they are made to co-create by being shown (being given input of) entire concepts, to find the most-impact-producing words to get the Celestial messages across. They are true partners of the Teachers.

Andréa explains this so very clearly.

Even then, this is only a steppingstone, because the far-away goal is the lucid communication between the mortal mind and our greatest Gift; that Fragment of the Creator of All that indwells each of us. However, when troubled by concepts, even pictures being communicated, it is good to again hear Michael’s reassuring voice, saying, “Your words will always be Mine.”

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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