The Mansion Worlds.


Illawarra District, Australia, March 29, 2004.

Midwayer, Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).

Teacher Samuel. (Part Transmission)

Received by George Barnard.

George: "I thank you for helping me with the editing today. I often wonder where I would have been without your help during all this time."

Bzutu: "You are welcome, my friend. We consider the work, more so the ‘inter-species cooperation,’ our interaction, to be of great value. And I’m sure that your thankfulness, too, is extended to all those in the chain of communication that offer their input when inspired to do so, as well as to those who merely observe us, but cheer us on.

"Yes, it is a pleasure for me as well to be involved in this work and I thank you for your perseverance with this mission. Together we have "stacked up" some remarkable essays in the past and we will do even more. I will now hand you over to another.

Samuel: "This is Samuel. I greet you, my brother. Much of what I have learned about Urantia "earthlings," I have learned from visiting the Mansion Worlds in the down-stepping process, and by interacting with your species there. We teachers are going about our ascent to Paradise in very much a roundabout way. Call them delightful detours, if you please.

"Whatever life experiences we are dealing with, and learning from in our lives, it is not always possible to enjoy a full, well-rounded curriculum and career. Not on any given world, in any given timeslot in its evolution, and especially on those worlds, which have yet to arrive at the early stages of Light and Life.

"And so in your distant future you may find yourself traversing the Mansion Worlds, but occasionally turn back for perhaps what you may consider to be a prolonged period of time to care for, to teach, to assist with the spiritual up-lifting of those individuals on the lower Mansion Worlds. Indeed, in time you may well be so involved, and with a greatly improved knowledge and ability, and yet in keeping with the healing endeavors you practiced on this earth, and in the knowledge that we are all one at our Prime Source.

"They may be new arrivals. They may be dealing with the tenacious problem of a very misguided earthly life, as you will find that lower Mansion World stays can be extraordinarily prolonged. Those from rebellious planets that have not managed to develop a great deal of soul maturity through character improvement may tarry in the lower realms for a seemingly unreasonable space of time. They are always the more advanced who will be teaching those who are less progressed in the level to which they are spiritized.

"The Mansion Worlds are of incredible size. They dwarf your planet to such a degree that it becomes necessary for you to dwell in a morontia body that is very much lighter, for gravity increases greatly with a planet’s increased size. The Mansion Worlds are real worlds. There is air to breathe, there is soil and water, and there are plants and animals, buildings. There are divisions, also.

"There are, one might say, regions wherein one is placed or housed according to one’s achievements in soul growth. Those who are advanced and move through speedily are not placed with those who still have much to learn, although how you will perceive your environment will depend on your attitude, your progress.

"I liken it in this way; to a nature lover a delicate wildflower is a delight to witness, whilst to a winegrower, who must keep his vineyards clean, it is but a weed to be discarded. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

"To most arrivals, the Mansion Worlds are delightful places where much can be learned and experienced, and where a great deal may be shared. To those who have been selfish, controlling and without love for their fellow humans, the stay will be much lengthened, and their environment may not seem as friendly as it does to the former.

"There is no sudden "jolt" you can be given that will suddenly improve your spiritual status. How you leave this plane is how you will arrive, and you must progress from there. But now to answer your question: Character, attitudes, achievements set aside, indeed they are the females of your races as a group, who tend to be more successful in their spiritizing, their soul growth, whilst still on your earth.

"They are apt to move up steadily in their achievements. Compared to the women, the males of your world are a greatly diverse lot. In numbers they tend to be rather less spiritual than their female companions are. And yet, amongst them one can at times witness the absolute extraordinary. I trust this answers in detail the questions you posed. This is your teacher, Samuel. I shall be ever ready to be with you when you call. Au revoir." [Thank you, Brother]

Bzutu: "I’m back again. Call on me, or call on our dear friends, Mathew, Sharmon, or Andrea when you are ready to do more writing." [Thank you, Chief]

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