A Priority.


Idaho, US of A,November 30, 2001.

Primary Midwayer, Andrea.

Received by Sandee Montee

Andrea: "Hello, friends. This is Andrea. The first thing I would like to say today is thank you, George, for submitting your papers about Midwayers to the list. The information you passed on will help a lot in the present phase of the Correcting Time on Urantia."

George: "The assignments in this planet's trouble spots are making you look thin on the ground these days, I guess. And you're welcome."

Andrea: "Always remember, George, that through our long-standing association you understand us a whole lot better than do most people. Presently, there are six other Midwayer associates on Urantia who also have had such lengthy interaction with us, and their experiences add up to their recognizing our existence, and more -- a fostering of a deep understanding of the many complex tasks us Midwayers are asked to perform."

George: "I gather that most, if not all of the six, are documenting their life's work? In whatever language?"

Andrea: "They are. But many people still do not comprehend that we share your space, and that we are only fractionally separated in time. Also, they are unfamiliar with the method whereby Primary Midwayers come into being. As well, they are at a loss about the first, second, and third phases involved in the birthing of the Secondary Midwayers.

"I would also like to note that many individuals lack sufficient knowledge of us to simply accept us in faith. We would like for you to write about us as a matter of priority."

George: "OK."

Andrea: "Your friend, Machiventa, is also here."

Sandy: "Hi, Machiventa."

Notes: We gather there are one or two associates of the United Midwayers in China, one in Russia, one in India, and one somewhere in Western Europe, possibly France. Sooner or later, their lifetime's documentation will surface. We have no idea about where the seventh associate is.

We understand these associates to be the ones who have had their souls "shipped all over the planet" in their healing work with the 1,111.

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