Our Function In The Deep Space Universes.


Illawarra District, Australia, April 7, 2004.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard.

George: "Hello my dear friend. I believe some goodly supply of oxygen has now finally reached my brain. You have the floor."

Bzutu: "I greet you my dear brother. Yes, certainly, let us now begin. I am taking some time away from the new and widened battlefields that have opened up in Iraq to be with you. It is good to find you busy planning and scheming and we are well aware of, and very pleased with, the overall efforts of the entire group. Organized, routine, and meshing in well with what is entailed on our side of Brother/Father Michael’s workings.

"It is obvious now that the fire that was lit more than one year ago may well turn into an inferno. Be assured that tough times have arrived for our entire planet, and that in your country, seemingly safely tucked away and out of harms reach in the faraway "Down Under" corner of the world, may not remain untouched in time to come. Indeed, those who are deemed to be terrorists, who call themselves freedom fighters, and who are battling against those who are taking more than a few liberties, are hatching multiple plans.

"Those who believe some politically oriented gods must be on their side come what may, will find that few others know that god. I know of no such god who will favor any one religion, race, nation or person. I’m being taught that the Creator of All, distant as He may seem to be, is still capable of knowing and accepting each of His wayward children, whichever country they inhabit, whatever color their skin, no matter their political preferences or exotic belief systems.

"Tough times to come, I tell you, and many will even be pleased that a human life can be so short. And yet, in this greatly turbulent new world attitudes will polarize, and so very many will move forward in great leaps and bounds and find themselves seeking a more spiritual existence and truly ‘go for it,’ whilst others will shrug off entirely the belief in a merciful loving God.

"The immediate times to come will create a vast number of the extraordinarily advanced ones that will in distant times become such strong and stable administrative anchors, leaders and ambassadors for the vast deep space universes that are now organizing. And sadly, also, some will be very much left behind and remain so perfidious in their ways they may very well fail in their journey to become spiritual beings, yes, even fail to exist.

"Those of us who have been around for millennia have seen utter chaos so many times before. We were there when Roman law permitted the most grievous of harm. We were there when Genghis Khan practically ruled the world. We witnessed Napoleon’s misdeeds, Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Pol Pot’s and many more on this world of slaughter without end.

"Yet do not ever fear for your physical self. Your physical body provides no more than a moment of temporary accommodation for what is infinitely more important, the real you that will survive forever in the dwelling places that will take you to the very Hub of Eternity. With those thoughts in mind, we, too, do our work on the battlefields you humans create.

"Trust in God that from all this chaos a rich harvest will result. Trust in God that our dear new friend Monjoronson will soon arrive and herald in a time when all races will be on a friendly footing. When colors will matter no more, and when brother will reach out to brother across the lands, across the seas, and wish only the very best for another.

"This is midwayer chief Bzutu. And, yes, keep breathing in that oxygen rich air."

Notes: In July of 2001 I wrote an article I titled "Pure Fiction - A contentious Issue." To me it really was pure fiction which I personally rather dislike, although I did not prepare for it, and simply typed away, much without a break.

In September of 2002 I was told to rework it, and that the 1,111 had subliminally brought it across in the first place. Like the transmission above, "Pure Fiction - A contentious Issue." points at our future tasks in the new universes of deep space as being a certainty, whereas the Urantia text only alludes to that possibility as far as I can tell.

Meanwhile, a terrorist plot has been foiled here in Australia.

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