The King Ever Calls. The King Ever Loves.


USA, March 12th, 2004.

Teacher Thomas Curry Hawkins.

Received by Jim Young.

Thomas: "Jim, son of my heart, what occurred to you Wednesday night is an excellent point to always remember. You equated sin with not loving, for as John the apostle emphasized in his letters, love is of God. I reckon you could even say that God is love, but thatís almost too simple in some ways, even though it is quite true.

"The Creatorís love is creative unto eternity. The Father has loved and loves first, then everything revolves around that, so to speak. It was the Fatherís creative love in saying "Let it be, as I AM" that initiated creation and still sustains it today. When you imitate Godís love, you are also imitating His creativity. You will be so very much more creative in your approach to His children when you use His creativity expressed best within the motivation of love.

"It follows then, that the more you can know and understand about the Unknowable, the more you know about God and the better job youíll do in helping to bring forth the kingdom for Him within your physicality.

"I know I characterized God as the Unknowable. If that is puzzling to you, just remember that there is a great bridge between you and God-not from His side but from yours. After all, He is on your side. You are constantly being surrounded and bombarded by the deceptive illusions of physicality that is time and space. God certainly has no such restrictions placed upon Him, but He has in His great love, given you full access to Him.

"He has an open door policy. He has even sought you out. He has wooed you. He has sent His Very Own Personal invitation to you, constantly, and He still does. This does not mean to say you have not responded. Indeed, you have. But I know there have been right many instances where you either werenít listening or did not understand things completely. That is simply because of the limitations you were designed with.

"Yes, you were created with flaws because you were meant to move ahead and rise above the limitations you have. They aid your growth, they help you learn how to serve others, and they help you develop the faith needed. That very faith which is a sure prerequisite for kingdom living, not just for this corner outpost of the kingdom where you and I hail from, but also the faith needed after you move into the kingdomís Capital City as well.

"Jim, the King still calls. The King still loves. The King ever calls. The King ever loves. The more deeply you love, the more you will be completed in Him and by Him. The vineyard of souls awaits. Return His love by going out to work today in joyful praise for what you are becoming in Him, with Him and for Him.

"This is Thomas Curry Hawkins."

Notes: There was a time when contact with the relatively recently departed was something only the extraordinarily gifted were capable of. This is no longer the case, due to the improvements to the channels (circuits). Thomas Curry Hawkins married my maternal grandmother, but died only 1 year into their marriage (1897 approximately). They had no children, and thus, I am not even related to him, yet there is this very deep bond Mr. Hawkins and I share.

Because of the requirement of parenthood for greater progression where he now resides, he has Ďadoptedí me as his son. He Ďspeaksí to me with many Southern mannerisms and attitudes, since he was a preacherís son from Orange County, Virginia -- Jim.

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