America in the End Times.


Whittier, CA, US of A. May 30, 2004

Teacher Christ Michael.

Received by Stella Religa

Stella: I have been attempting to formulate a reply to an article on the Internet called America - In the End Times: 4 Possibilities. Mark Hitchcock, contributing editor of the Left Behind Prophecy Club newsletter and pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmonds, Oklahoma, is puzzled as is Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind series, as to why America is not clearly mentioned in Bible prophecy. This morning, Sunday, May 30, 2004, I prayed and wondered how would Jesus answer. This is the answer I received. None of my thinking was involved. I wondered how to begin and these words appeared in my mind. I hastened to take this down in shorthand, and here it is unedited.

Your recent topic on "Why America is left out of Biblical Prophecy" is actually not quite correct. America is not specifically referred to in the Bible because the early writers of the Bible had no knowledge of the future discovery of a land to be called the United States of America.

Now Jesus speaks: "There are two principles in the Bible that apply to all peoples and to all nations: 1) To remain forever free one must love God wholeheartedly, 2) To be a slave one adheres to worn out traditions that do not serve modern-day man. To reconcile the two one must wholeheartedly embrace the truth as to a given situation. Today in Palestine and Israel there are two factions at work. 1) The Israelis believe that God gave them the right to possess the land that they have claimed as their own. 2) The Palestinians also believe they are entitled to the land on which their ancestors have lived for centuries.

"The two positions have caused countless unnecessary and needless tragedies. The only way to reconcile these two differences is to admit that each has the right to possess their part of land but not at the expense of the other. These two unerring factions must work together to prevent further bloodshed. And if they do not, we can only see further turmoil in the future. There are many professional groups working together to bring about peace in this area. Some of these goals may be achieved. Others will not be achieved.

"Today’s fundamentalists err when they believe that I will return to mediate the battle between good and evil. I will not return until the two factions reconcile their differences. Only mankind can do the reconciliation. It is not my job to do so. I will return at some future date when peace has been established due to the works of man.

"Regarding rapture. There is no rapture as propounded by John Darby. This good man now realizes he erred in his assumptions and is now very sorry to have been the cause of so much grief and unnecessary fear. He is now working very closely with others on earth attempting to change many fundamentalists’ thinking. It is very difficult for people to change their thinking once they have been traumatized by fear, but these fears can be allayed once the situation is explained to them.

"Keep up your good work Stella. We admire your persistence in trying to bring about the truth to many sorely puzzled truth seekers. In time they will be persuaded of their needless fears. There are many here who admire your work but we wish you would be more diligent in your contacting us. This is about all we have to say at this time. In the meanwhile be of good cheer. We will endeavor to stay in touch if you would be so kind. We will leave you. Corelli is here as well as hosts of other who are watching you write in shorthand. What a marvelous system and that you remembered after all these years. Send out your message as best as you can. We love you." - Jesus - Michael.

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