A Golden Road of Spirituality for All.


Idaho, US of A, November 15, 2001.
Machiventa Talks
Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: Hello, this is Machiventa. I greet you all today with a lightened heart, because you are letting Teachers, David and Gracie, help both you, and me, and all who read this message, walk down a special path.

Expect much assistance and compassion as you all walk down Gracie's Golden Road of Spirituality, where we will proceed side by side into uncharted territory of intellectual progress, and the learning of valuable spiritual lessons, that will regularly be thrust upon us all.

I am not so different from human beings in that I cannot take the time to love, honor, and respect all those who are truly doing Michael's work.

Imagine your taking the hand of Gracie -- or any Celestial Teacher -- and your lighting up with the energy you receive from her. She is so very positive, and, when you stray of that path, she will nudge you back onto that Golden Road, where you receive your enlightenment.

We few, who are gathered here, all know each other beyond normal everyday circumstances, and I am so happy to have these two new Celestial Helpers, and many others working with you, so you can pass on to those you care about what you learn. Look only towards love for each other, and for your Teachers, and don't let any hatred 'come into your center' on any account.

Together we will all march into any situation, and not fear a thing, as we have the protection of Michael at all times. Michael can do all, and see all, and Michael can already see the golden touch of Gracie, as she will love you as a true sister does.

(Some in the group are now seeing Gracie.)

Yes. She is indeed beautiful, and she is one of those who will keep "touching your heart" with peace, tranquillity, and serenity. And do not have doubt about her giving you a bit of a nudge if you are going down the wrong trail at the wrong time. The Teachers will surely bring you back onto the road that will eventually lead to Paradise.

Pause: A telephone interruption.

Machiventa: I am pleased you have taken time out from your busy lives to have this session today, as we cannot be with you if you do not ask for us.

Presently, you have the potential for being hurt at a time when upsets are coming upon Urantia with great force. Feel our arms around you, and feel our love for you all, then take that same love and energy to embrace others with.

I must say, I think we have done a great job of transmitting today, don’t you?

One of the group: "Certainly!"

Machiventa: We will be so close by you, that you will not have any need for that telephone to contact us. I must al;so tell you that Gracie has plans for you, and the first of her plans is to teach you to dance. You can sing too… if you must. She won't run away.

One of the group: I just love her long curly hair.

Machiventa: We all send our love, and keep that happiness close to your heart.

I take my leave. I am Machiventa.

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