A Many-Sided Chessboard.


Illawarra District, Australia, July 20, 2004.
Primary Midwayer, Andrea.

Received by George Barnard.

George: I apologize for this slow start, Andrea, and the extraneous thoughts that keep bouncing around inside my skull. Iím glad you have the patience.

Andrea: My dear brother, if after the many, many centuries during which I have been in service to our Michael by embracing you, my adopted mortal children, and if I would not yet have acquired the needed patience, it would never in all eternity become one of my character traits. It is wonderful for you to find the moment to heed my lesson, my words, my thoughts and suggestions, whilst so much else needs to be done at this crucial juncture.

In essence, the thoughts and pictures that have been conveyed to you deal with almost every project we midwayers undertake together with you on this world. It is almost impossible to get anything off the ground when it needs to have a resounding impact on the hearts and minds of those who will be in receipt of the end product, and without you, your friends, helpers and assistants getting involved in that dreaded commercialism.

It may be true that only love makes the world go round, but these are essential ventures that will always take big chunks out of your time, will eat up your money, and cause you heartaches and troublesome setbacks. These ventures must always be viewed as your playing the unconventional game of chess.

Normally, and right from the start, you need to plan for an end result, move the pieces one by one and in an orderly fashion, for indeed, the game you like to play is with an opponent, and a loss is never good enough.

However, if this game we are engaged in now is played just right, there can be two winners, and more, and more and countless others, as we proceed to do His divine work in our mere worldly realm.

This is Andrea, and I thank you for your attention. My love goes out to you all.

Note: For some days already I have occasionally been shown a huge, many-sided chessboard where players come and go, and all are taking their winnings in a game that produces no losers.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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