Cheshire, UK, August 10, 2004.

Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: To continue, I wish now to talk of other matters; of matters more esoteric and distant perhaps from the forefront of your mind. I wish to talk of the nature of Solace, that emotion which is hard to define and is a fine line between love and attachment.

When you find solace in others you find a way of working, such that you fill your own gaps. When it is truly someone you trust, that is done with beauty. Sometimes you may find solace in substance, in materialism. This, too, can have its place, if you learn from its nature and do not fall into the trap of attachment. By seeing which gaps require filling by solace, you identify more easily the gaps within yourself, and then the means within yourself, through which you may fill these gaps by yourself.

The word itself has two parts. 'Sol'; the sun, the only, and 'Ace'; a trump card, the thing which will always make you win. The one. By finding the sun within one's-self, you have all the trumps you need. Look to yourself for solace. Be your best friend in times of need.

Trust in yourself, for there is beauty within you immeasurable. Any comfort, any need you ever feel can be filled from within yourself, from within your Sol, from within the Ace of your Soul. The One that is your Sun.

Do not find solace in spirits around you. We are here to assist. We are here to be your friends. We are not here to fill those holes. You do not need anything outside of yourself for that task. We will hold your hand in times of grief. We will mop your brow in times of fever. But only you can make the choice to always live and love with passion and joy from within your own eternal spirit.

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