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In recent weeks, the phenomenon of the Teaching Mission has come under fire again, and on more than one list. In some places, some quarters, and amongst some groups, there have been rather emotional responses -- positive and negative. We here at 11.11 Publishers are noting an interesting phenomenon.

Fully three quarters of those who post us privately are women, saying, "Thank you for submitting your work to our favorite list." -- words to that effect -- and these inquirers have been rewarded with additional material on many decades of frequent interaction with our Midwayer Friends.

Fractionally under one quarter of these email messages are from males, and, but for an "odd couple" of these posts, they denounce the work we do out of hand. Such strong conviction! And without any proof, logic, or reason whatever.

We have a choice. We can either presume our Sisters in Christ to be more intuitive (In touch with the Spirit of Truth), courageous, inquisitive, or… perhaps consider them to be gullible in the extreme? Uh, uh! They… are… not.

But there is no escaping or mistaking the fact that with the Brothers responses, the epinephrine (or testosterone) is flowing in copious amounts.

Few, however, seem to be aware of the fact that our Celestial Teachers have access to mortal recipients of their choice, by the latter's capacity to perceive, Thought Adjuster approval, and almost exclusively through the services of Midwayers. And just as the Urantia Papers were received from Divine Counselors, Melchizedeks, Mighty Messengers, etc., they were the Midwayers in the final analysis who delivered the total UB message to their mortal cousins.

But for Mantutia Melchizedek sponsoring Paper 120, the remainder of THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS was contributed directly by the Midwayer Commission. They were there when their Hero, the Master, trod this earth. They were the closest to Him -- the most knowledgeable about His life.

Traditionally, and in almost every instance, when a Celestial Being deems it necessary to communicate, they are the multi-lingual Secondary Midwayers who establish contact with their mortal associates. Midwayers are at the coalface of evolutionary life, and indispensable in the communication process.

Page 425 of the Urantia Papers; The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, morontia cherubim, mid-phase cherubim, and seraphim.

It has been going on for ages untold. Swedenborg worked with Midwayers, John Yepes, Whitman, William Blake, Emerson, Pascal, Descartes, Kierkegaarde, Spinoza, and the list goes on. Midwayers don't miss a beat. They are Opportunists who follow the orders of their all-seeing Seraphic Superiors.

So, why stop now?

The projected wholesale dissemination of the Urantia Papers, logically, gave these Midway Opportunists a chance to come to the fore, and spiritually uplift Urantia -- be more effective. Although it is clearly understood Part One, Two, and Three of the Urantia Papers are sponsored by "more advanced" Celestials, they were the Midwayers who did the lion's share of the work in translating the universal lingoes into English.

They are the "postmen and women" who are on their seemingly never-ending rounds to keep alive the Fifth Epochal Revelation, advice us of changes as they occur, and oblige each time in translating the languages of the universes into our concept-poor human vocabulary.

Nothing has changed about their modus operandi. Urantia's United Midwayers carry on with their tasks, but it takes a great deal of courage for a transmitter/receiver to open his/her mouth and let the Celestials' messages flow without knowing what the next word, sentence or paragraph might be. It takes no courage at all to dismiss the phenomenon out of hand, just a little fundamentalist fear of change, and lack of knowledge of our spiritual history.

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