Rattling the Gates of Heaven.


Illawarra District, Australia, September 15, 2004.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "…if your mortal minds could only conceive of the many flight plans that are lodged each day for the steadfast four-winged Transporters (Angels), and if only your eyes could perceive the takeoffs and landings of enseraphimed beings traveling to and from this planet!

"This very vista would make your mind spin, for so great are the numbers of takers that covet spending a little of their time on your planet. So great are the numbers of departing mortal souls alone! These (latter) account for quite a number of the scheduled daily flights, but these are not all.

"There is a constant skipping between worlds and there are frequent arrivals of entire classrooms of students, and ever so many individual arrivals from the highest of realms that come to be here to teach, to advise, to share experiences, to serve and to learn.

"By far the toughest lives that are lived are those of the short-lived mortals on planets like yours. Indeed, we do experience some unfortunate losses of souls from this small realm. However, it is all about the reduction of those losses why we, your teachers, your more spiritually advanced older brothers and sisters, feel drawn to "rattle the Gates of Heaven" to be allowed to save perhaps but one single soul, no effort spared.

George: "Rattling the Gates of Heaven. A curious metaphor. Good one!"

Samuel: "You are amused, also fatigued. We will take a break, and return to the precise subject of this lesson - Steadfastness. I leave you now. I am Samuel."

Note: There were just two occasions in the mid-seventies when I observed such "classrooms" of celestial students. The first time there were about twelve students present. On a later occasion there were about fourteen students. Some were very tall, perhaps 7 foot or more, and others not much taller than 3 foot.

Both times they were there to observe an out-of-body healing, and somehow with the use of their minds they appeared to be assisting us with that work. Undoubtedly, they were not just watching us (the Midwayer and me).

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