The Little Things That Make You Happy.


Cheshire, UK, November 2, 2004.

A Teacher called “The Scribe.”

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “If you feel that you are moving towards the place of your dreams then go with it. There is little point in allowing the movement of others to hinder your own path. When you truly find that which inspires you within your soul and allows it to sing in tune with the world, then this is your place to follow.

“By allowing the glory of all that you are to shine forward, you allow the progression of nations and with each member of humanity doing the same then the future of your kind is indeed glorious.

“Begin by finding the moments in every day that make you smile. Notice the emotions accompanying them and the events that trigger these feelings. If you can identify the little things that make you happy, then it is not much more work to piece these together and form a picture of everything that does this same thing, and therewith you find your way.

“You may find much of these things do not relate to a job but are centered around habit and custom that can be practiced within any situation; the smiling towards others, of making tea, of singing a song to yourself or going for a walk. All may be parts of your path, yet they do not require a particular place or setting to be effective.

“If you hang on to these things—these small ways of finding your peace and your God—then it will be easy to see the direction of your life as the big things will unfold by themselves. Be at peace, be open and be trusting, and the glory of God will be with you at all times.

“Humbly in service to you, I am The Scribe.”

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