Feel the Moment, and Become the Journey.


Vancouver, US of A, November 9, 2004.

Midwayer Teacher Thuroc.

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “I bid you a warm hello, and a good evening, dear one. It is I, Thuroc, and I come this time to bring a message from Archangel Sandalphon.

“In this mortal world of so many atrocities, of woes and miseries, you must remember to hear with you heart, listen with your mind, and feel with your soul. Reach down into the God-Center present within your very flesh and blood. Embrace the eminent love of our perfect Creator, and uplift and shroud yourselves against the dismal drudgery you have been carrying on your withering shoulders.

“There is bloodshed and mayhem. However, do not judge these in bitter disdain, but bring forth from your God-Self that which illuminates, and bury them instead with the brilliant white light of our forgiving Master. Envision your desire, and send your power and energy, your purest intentions. Feel the moment and become the journey. This is enlightenment.

“Release that which so deeply furrows your brows, my precious children. Instead, encapsulate that of your loved ones, and, yes, your enemies, too, with peace, not clouded with the fear of defeat, but that of 1000 lifetimes of happiness and Christ Michael’s unending love. The Divine has no limitations, only that which is created by your own futile worries.

“Call upon me, and use my powerful energy to assist you in clearing your chakras of your self-defeating ways, and ground your hearts and souls to once again hear the inner silence. For in the quiet, we can truly hear the answers. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, for it is through failure that you will truly understand what it is you can still learn.

“I, Thuroc, want you all to give your tired selves a rare gift. Go out into the astonishing beauty of your world, your perfect nature that no artist’s palette can ever duplicate, the freshness of your lush forests, your rugged snow covered mountains, the raw and massive canyons with their jagged edges and angled peaks, the illuminating glow of yet another magnificent sunset. Breathe in the air, fill up your lungs, and just be. I say goodnight to you now, loving child of God.

“I am Thuroc the Entertainer.”

Receiver’s note: Thuroc also tells me that Machiventa is proud; the mortals are ‘feeling the changes’. “Even we (Celestials) now in this realm, feel their (human) energies as they become more grounded, and let the stillness envelop their minds. The universe has begun a shift towards higher consciousness.

“This . . . is progress.”

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