A Well is a Treasure.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 16, 2004.
Teacher Seth.

Received by Rebecca

Seth: "I am Seth. Seth. Long ago there already were deserts, and camels, and oases and wells, and the people wore robes-you see it all now. What if I would have lived in that time?

"Had I lived in those times, and in such a place, I would have liked to have been the owner of a well. From this well I would have drawn water for my family, for our livestock, to water our crops, and for our friends and associates. To have a well in those times was to have a great prize, and a source of sustenance for the family.

"In the same way, in these times, you must feel fine about seeking a good source of sustenance for your family. Do not feel that this is in any way contradictory to the greater purpose of life. Do not feel guilty in any way about leaving your current employer. The new well you will find will be a treasure that will benefit all who pass by."

Rebecca: "What is your relationship to Abraham?"

Seth: "You, girl, you have not done your reading! Go and read your Bible, go read your Urantia Book. Look it up.

"Leaving you with love. I am Seth."

Note: This is not Seth, as in "Jane Robert's Teacher". This is one of the sons of Adam and Eve.

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