Cheshire, UK, November 16, 2004.
Celestial Artisan Katrina.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Katrina: “In the midst of the mists of time, there is motion, seen and unseen. Much of what happens is hidden beneath the surface but, too, the mist undulates and forms into beautiful patterns that can distract you, if you so choose, from the real case at point.

“These patterns of the mist are purely the sun, beaming its light upon the field and allowing the water and the dew there to evaporate. There is much in the way of phenomena at the moment that is confusing people. They are seeing the changes.

“At times it makes the mist grow thicker, but know that this is a stage, and shortly the sun will have cleared the dew, and the grass will shine green under its light. Then the insects come out, the worms from the earth, and children may play without fear of slipping or wetting their clothes.

“For the minute, appreciate what is there, and although you may see a foggy bank, pay attention to your feet, because through the fog, even though you cannot see the ground beneath your feet, you can feel it, and if you trust with your guides, then they will help you make your sure-footed way across the early morning field.”

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