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Atlanta, Georgia, US of A, December 4, 2004.
Christ Michael (Historically known as Jesus).

Received by Rebecca.

Michael: “I am Michael, your Teacher, too. My Light is spread out over the world like the dawn. When I died on earth, my Love was spread out throughout the space surrounding the earth, like an envelope around the earth. It was almost as if my body dispersed and spread out everywhere as Love, and now my Love is available to all who turn to it, and to all who turn to me.

“When you rise in the early morning and pray, I am there. When you experience tenderness in your heart for another, I am there. When you calm your mind and experience the stillness, or when you thank God for the beauty of the world and for the many blessings that rain down upon you, I am there. When you feel joy in the smile of a child, I am there and I feel the joy, too. When you care for a small animal, I am there.

“And even when you scrub your floors, I am there. When you deal in patience with those who are difficult, I am there. When you create and organize, when you do your work, or when you receive transmissions, I am there. When you breathe deeply, I am there. When you mediate conflicts, I am there. And when you curl up asleep at night in rest, I am there in rest, too.

“I love the earth and the people of this earth. All I wish for is for people to love each other, too, and for them to receive this Love, and perhaps even love me back. When you have children, you wish for them to love each other and be harmonious, because you love them each so much.

“This message of Love will go out to many people, and may it increase the Love. May each person become a point of Love to spread the Love from where they are, like ink spreading out from a pen point on soft paper, like dye dispersing in water, until the whole earth is covered with Love spreading out from so many points.

“Your Progress Group network is so close to my heart, and each and every one of you who receive the emails are so important to the work of Love we are doing on this planet. Yes, you have got that right. Please strengthen your network, and please know that you are all important to us—all of you who receive this. I send you all my Love, and wish you Adieu in the Love of the Father.

“I am Michael

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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