Visualization and 'Tertiary Midwayers.'


Idaho, US of A, January 15, 2002

Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) and Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22):

Received by George.

Dr. Mendoza:  "Hello, this is Dr. Mendoza."

George:  "Greetings to you, Brother."

Dr. Mendoza:  "I would like to talk a little with you both about your becoming somewhat more carefree, and for your having more tolerance for the 'hindrances' and obstacles that are constantly facing you in your quests on Urantia. This is a recommendation, George and Sandy, and hardly meant for you two alone, but for all those who read our lessons."

George:  "We've been known to occasionally share your valued diagnoses with many in the past, Doc."

Dr. Mendoza:  "Well, this then is my group diagnosis.  The serious aspects of your lives, and your day-to-day tasks of importance, can be intertwined with a greater readiness on all your parts to laugh and be happy.  Happiness and laughter is like a vitamin shot for the psyche's welfare.

"You two, and your many friends, are all so very keen on the lessons that we all come to you with, it has indeed become a pleasure to both work and play together with you.  There were other times, long ago, we prefer not to remember, even forget if we could!  I'm only joking.

"Sandy, the visualization sessions George is working on are giving you a much increased reach, more accuracy and certainty of reception. We have been watching the work as it is improving.  We need to adjust the vibrations of energy, and we hope it will gradually become a major new method of communication.

"I will step aside now, because Bzutu wants a few words."

George:  "See you later, Doc.  And thanks.  Greetings, Chief."

Bzutu:  "Hello, this is Bzutu.  We are visiting here today just to be with you.  Andrea asked for us to come and meet with you, and Mathew and Clare.  Many of us Midwayers are here today to simply enjoy your company.

"I have asked permission to spend four days of your time here with you all.  This will give me a much-needed break from the horrors of war and poverty where I have been at work.

"I want to sit with you, Brother, and enjoy some relaxation as we make ready the long awaited documentation of the Midwayers and other Celestial Helpers whom you so kindly, and so long ago, took into your heart.  But what really matters is that we make this a quiet time of complete understanding of one another.  I have missed being a partner with you in this game of evolutionary life.  I would enjoy many hours of your time at work with my being right by your side.

"As Dr. Mendoza said, let there be a calming of tensions, and a return to deep relaxation of our minds as we become reacquainted with each other and talk about the many ventures of our past.  There are likely to be times when you need to 'put your finger' on the exact words of our conversation, and so I will suggest you keep a tape recorder beside you."

George:  "OK.  I'll keep one handy.  I have a question here, and we would very much like the answer to this one.  We both have noticed some Midwayers that are much smaller than you guys are.  We heard Machiventa say that they are younger than your 37,000 years of service.  We also recently communicated with a friend who described them as "Tertiary Midwayers".  Can either you, or Machiventa, inform us about what is going on with these additional Midwayers and where they originated?"

Bzutu:  "Yes, George, I will try to enlighten you about these guys.  They are on loan to us from a larger, younger planet, and we are now experiencing "the newness" of this unit of Midwayers who are all still in training.

"They are the workers we send into the war zones.  They are our Special Recognizance Forces that go into the different countries ahead of us.  Machiventa gives them their orders and they are expected to help build the intelligence network that is to identify why Urantians are so unwisely harming themselves.

"On their part, this intelligence mission is of great value as it gives them considerable experience in their universal careers as Intelligence Gatherers.  For us to be teaching them, also furthers our careers."

"Midwayers, each of us individually, become specialists in our chosen professional lives, and we achieve separate and independent goals, for we also wish to further our education as much as do men… Oh!  Sandy doesn’t like that… 

"Let me say… as do men and women who would be trained in your FBI and CIA. These are units of ten Midwayers working together.

"I will let Sandy stop TRing at this point, but I will stick around for four days of your time."

George:  "Thank you all."

Notes:  The 'imported' Midwayers being younger, in training, smaller, and new to this planet might suggest they are not of much use to us at these early stages.

Not so.  Their IQs may well be measured in four figures, and inconceivably advanced to our minds.

Andrea is a Primary Midwayer, who is overseeing this Progress Group whilst Bzutu is mostly in Afghanistan, and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, at this difficult time

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