Balance—Yin and Yang.


Vancouver, US of A, December 9, 2004.

Midwayer Rihte.

Received by Mechelle.

Rihte: “Hello most beautiful and eager-eyed child, this is Rihte, galactic sister of Midwayer Teacher, Thuroc. It is with extreme pleasure I come to talk with you this early morning.

“You have made your intentions clear to us, and you are most willing to listen, ready to learn. We understand your dilemma, preparing in wonderment for the All that is to be, soon, by your planetary timekeepers. I shall talk with you about ‘Balance’.

“Hold close the feminine side of yourselves, one and all. Do not let your gender become an issue. Just as you have the need to drink, to quench the parchment you have inside, so must you fulfill that need with satisfying sips, not only from liquid which you ingest, but that which comes from the fountain of life - the need to nurture, and give back, to question and answer, to seek and to find.

“Softly and quietly experience your exposed emotions, and challenge them head on. Talk with one another about what concerns you most. Find support in one another by talking about happiness, joy, and glee. Do not be afraid to let your laughter roar with a mighty surge! To the Angels, your laughter is a precious melody. Your vibrations are higher, and you become much more in touch with the celestial realm.

“Would you ever dare to tippy-toe across the highest wire, without first securing a safety net below? Of course not! Just as you should not have the light of our Creator’s spectacular golden dawn without the glimmering grandeur of the silvery moonlight. That is Balance. Yin and Yang. Soon, male and female will fatigue from comparing their differences. An alliance of all that you share, will be the new way of acceptance instead.

“We are so very pleased with the hard work, and accomplishments of your Progress Group, especially as of late. We love to read all of your messages, and to gently encourage you to keep up the tasks at hand. As I speak with you now, there is a very small group of mortals who sense the change that is coming upon them shortly. We, too, are feeling a shift of energies, since our realm is extremely sensitive. Your planet as a whole is raising its vibration, which makes it that much better for us to sustain contact. For that we thank you. You shall be ready to receive. Soon.”

“I leave you now with love. This is Rihte.”

Receiver’s notes: Rihte appears to me in a lovely white gown, dark eyes and hair. Her petite stature does not diminish her exuberant energy and endless knowledge.

I have no idea what a "planetary timekeeper" might be. This term boggles my mind.

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