Cheshire, UK, December 7, 2004.


Received by Helen Whitworth.

Monjoronson: “From the mouths of the innocents shall come the greatest wisdom. Listen well to the children of this world, for they know much from which you can learn. They have been blessed to not forget as quickly as you and your generations did, of their own connection to the Divine. As such, these special people, they are bringing the wisdoms of worlds there upon your Earth.

“Treasure them, nurture them, and honour them as is their due, for between them they shall herald in a new Year, a new Cycle, a new Beginning for all of humanity.

“Many of you who are adults at this moment have been working here for years to prepare humanity for the arrival of these children. You will see them all around you, see the depth within their eyes, and the love within their hearts. Celebrate and offer them comfort where you can.

“Many are undergoing difficult journeys and it is important for them to feel the love. They are connected to the circuits in a way you cannot comprehend, and so whilst they do not require as much physical comfort as children in the past, they do still require the love of the adult generations, especially where this is missing in their own family life.

“By praying for children everywhere, you can assist greatly in this human love being spread to those brightly shining stars that most need it at this time. And by doing so, you assist in service to all humanity.

“For those of you that have been blessed as parenting such a child, allow it its freedom, allow it its own thoughts and do not judge, for there is wisdom there, and all that is required to assist that wisdom to be grown is the support of love.

“I AM your Master. And you are my child. I hold you all dear, and I wipe the feet and brows of each of you. You will know my voice when I arrive. And you will recognise me as One of Light and Liberation, but also as you.

“It is time for each of you to find your own master within your own heart and to see the master within each other.

“The pains of the world grow sharp for many of you, but these are the death pains (of certain endings) and also the birth pains of new beginnings. Let them flow and they will ail you for brief moments. Shower with concern, and you will make your path more troubled.

“And call upon Michael, within your heart whenever you wish remembrance of why you have chosen this struggle alongside humanity. For then you shall know all glory, all peace and the love within you, waiting for you to but claim it.

“I am Monjoronson. And I am you.”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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