Vancouver, US of A, December 15, 2004.

Thuroc, the Entertainer, Teacher Rihte, Archangel Azreal.

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “Good evening precious student. It is I, Thuroc, and with me this night, I also bring Midwayer Teacher, Rihte. Together we bring love, and (facilitate) a message from our Master’s Archangel, Azreal. We will talk of Association.”

Azreal: “Upon them, these children, and so shall they behold the newest Master. You know me as the Angel of Death, but this is not so. As you perceive it, death is the end, the grand finale. This is false! It is but a transition. It is the finality of a phase! This is Association.

“I am most resourceful with aiding that which you have an attachment to, and with what you are most familiar, to conclude, inevitably.

“Usher not the frightened whimpers of the unknown, instead, cling to the bravado of new-found existence in every way, and in all ways! Whatever the circumstance of your life, do not question irrevocability, but in its place hold close the unique certainty that is forthcoming. Enriching opportunity is the fore-bearer of concrete Faith.

“Call upon me to assist you with many circumstances requiring swift finality - that which needs immediate tending too - ill begotten feelings, perhaps misplaced upon an unlikely target - aching hearts, begging vast release from that which yields such pain - wrongful ways, which exhaust formidable sovereignty. I will make sure they cease to exist in the way in which you are accustomed.

“When you’re afraid to let go, naturally occurring miracles must work through stifled energy. Do not go through your life with laden blinders, for fear of that which is sight unseen. You will fail to notice our Creator’s finest contributions. This, too, means how you choose to live, and what you accept in your life, which is inevitable, and which you do not comprehend.

“Observe the naivety of the children, for in their eyes gleams the Truth. It is acceptance. They shall witness, and enthrall in, their wondrous world.”

Thuroc: “You see now, eager one, as you prepare for your earthly new year, it is indeed time for the ending, or association with, that which binds you from accepting newness and promised change. Look upon it not as a completion. It is Progression!”

Rhite: “Outstretch your arms, and prepare to welcome the next segment of your mortality! Do no waver in sheltered hesitation, but allow yourself to dwell freely with change, transition, and the finality of accepting the mysterious and upcoming ways of the Universe.”

Thuroc: “We leave you now with much to ponder. I am Thuroc, the Entertainer.”

Rihte: “I am Rihte.”

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