Cheshire, UK, December 7, 2004.
The Scribe (Sananda)

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “The marrying of mind and spirit, of personality and soul, of flesh, of blood and of all that you Are, is your ultimate goal. Your physicality is a sheath within which you are able to experience a new reality, but your mind and your spirit allow you to shape that reality, and to bring God within it, that all may experience through their aspects of God, that which has been created.

“By movement through your evolution, you learn levels of densities and experience new challenges, excitements and learnings throughout the entirety of your histories, until, once again, you are fully merged with God. It is a blissful journey and one of which you are at the very start, but this starting point is one of blessing. For you see variety and choice in a way that is not available to many entities within these universes.

“If this were not so, and you were not so blessed, then there is little doubt that you would have little celestial guidance, and few entities watching your progress and supporting you at every moment.

“There is benefit for all of God’s creation through the work you are undertaking now, and it is important you remember this, for it is easy to be hidden among the cares and woes of the world, and forget that all of you, by your act of living, and your act of searching, are assisting in the movement towards Divine Will.

“Rest a while. Do not berate yourself for those days when you seem to stumble, or those days you forget. They are all part of the picture and the glory that is your life. And when taken from a distance, the pictures you draw with your motions, your moods, becomes those of great artists, for this is who you are.”

[A droning sound is heard].

The Scribe: “I talk little now, for you to feel is of more importance. Breathe in the breath of God. Feel your heart open, and expand to fill the room and then beyond, and sit in peace as is your right.”

[There is a droning sound on the tape. It is quite solid, then there are waves, pulses, then the sound of sea waves].


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