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An 11:11 Progress List subscriber writes:

Sheva: Your message of the 24th of July – “Andrea -- Every Brick That Is Baked” -- keeps haunting me, especially since you write it is only a partial transmission.
George: Almost all of my transmissions are partial transmissions in some sense. They are short by request, or I cut them short and to the point, because long transmissions put people off. They almost always contain pictures, however, since I am probably more ‘visual’ than ‘audible’. In this case I saw much devastation and suffering, and these pictures are a part of what is transmitted, as are thoughts and sounds, even smell, taste and touch.

Sheva: Now that the war is over and we feel a bitter taste in our mouths, as if all this horror has been for nothing, since soon it is bound to start again, I have to ask you if this transmission included any information that could explain this situation.

George: Back in 2001 it was Andréa’s opinion that WWIII had begun with the bombing of Afghanistan. I accepted that as something highly likely at the time, more likely, and almost a certainty now. And still, we can ‘turn the tide’ if we really wanted to. Wars are a human thing the Celestials dislike, because they don’t solve anything.

Sheva: Something else I wanted to ask you is about the mentioned Lucifer rebellion. Could you give me more details about that?

George: The Lucifer rebellion was adjudicated during the mid 1980’s. Lucifer is no more, but we are still dealing with powerful evil human minds; the Lucifer legacy, if you prefer.

Sheva: Is it a ‘far history’ event, dating from long before the creation of mankind?

George: It’s a little more complicated. There was an evolving human species on this earth, and Adam and Eve were brought here (created) to improve the race. That project failed in part.

Sheva: Was it simply a divergence of opinions between our celestial friends?

George: Basically Lucifer got ‘too big for his boots’. It became ‘a war of minds and misinformation’, not unlike today’s news broadcasts. One could say that Lucifer ‘lost the storyline’, and everyone was left guessing about the truth of existence, the Creator of All, and more.

Sheva: I am a rather irreverent person and I address my guides as friends. I would like to know about their past too.

George: My Guides (Teachers) are my family, have been for 60 years, and I address them as family. It’s what created the powerful bond between us. That’s not really irreverence. That’s love.
Some ‘Guides’ date back 37,000 years, some 500,000 years, and some are much older still. Some are brand new Helpers to this world.

Sheva: And my last question concerns the prompting of the 11:11 platoon. My daughter (16 years old) is getting these promptings about 4 to 5 times a day! What can possibly a girl her age do with it? She is very spiritually minded, but still I can’t understand what she is expected to do at her age.
Could you enlighten me please?

George: Her own Teachers are ‘knocking at her door’, and she only needs to learn to still her mind, meditate, or use the Akashic Construct, and she will learn much from Her Teachers. Sixteen is a good age to get involved with Celestial Teachers. Some kids begin at 7 or 8 years of age.

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