Attachment to Spiritual events.


Cheshire, UK, December 7, 2004.
A Thought Adjuster’s Message.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: “We start today through discussing the mores of the world—the passions, the distractions, and the benefactions that distract you from your true purpose. These are numerous and both material, emotional and indeed spiritual, for it as easy to be distracted from union with God by holding onto moments of previous enlightenment and spiritual ecstasy as it is by attachment to articles of clothing, or to physical vanity.

“All of these are stages and are temporary, and whilst they are effects that sit within a linear time frame, then they are merely windows into reality. By grace, you can learn to move through those spiritual high moments and into the next learning situations of sorrow with equal amity.

“There is no better and no worse when you find true union, and it becomes as easy to remain freely aware at times of distress as at times of joy. Attachment to either is still an attachment, and should be avoided where this is possible.

“This is not to say you should not value those experiences, but experience and move on. Having seen part of where you will end up in the natural course of your evolution, do not dwell, remaining attached to that moment, for you shall miss the moments of the next nows and cloud yourself away from feeling and being with God once more.”

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