Limitations of the Time-Space Worlds,
and the Morontia Mind.


(From the Desk of George Barnard).

In a recent transmission from the Scribe (Sananda) the following was stated: “It is by descending from eternity into the time-space realms that the knowledge of this ‘completion’ can only be retained in relation to the universe sector and what is known right there. In descending from Paradise and by going through all the necessary (morontia) body changes to descend down to your sector, many things that were previously understood can no longer be known by the Avatar . . .

The transmission – “Specific Questions Answered” – was in response to questions we posed about the Paradise Teacher, Monjoronson, and His capacity to retain information about future happenings on this world as foreseen and learned by Him on Paradise.

Questions of this kind, and the answers to these questions we get, rightly belong to the realm of revelation, tend to be sketchy or incomplete, represent ‘a pushing of the boundaries’ for the channeler, and leave much to be ruminated about. Therefore the writing set out below is what I surmise, intuit, consider, after much thought.

A Few Deductions.

It would be logical to presume that Paradise Teachers (Avatars) would be just as motivated to get involved with troubled time-space planets as are our former-human Teachers -- available to this world by the millions, and to anyone desiring to be taught by a Celestial Teacher – as every positive effort brings a reward.

From the above (bolded) paragraph it would likely be right to deduce that the Paradise Citizen, once in physical form, would be limited in retaining former knowledge, possibly because Paradise mind endowments cannot be supported by what must resemble (or be identical to) a human brain.

Knowledge and Wisdom -- Great Credits Earned.

The Scribe further notes: “Thus, knowledge that is specific may or may not be available, but the wisdom accumulated over eons of time remains undiminished, and with the use thereof will He earn great credits and be exalted. Therefore He awaits His time -- the appropriate time for the planet -- to make Himself known and begin His teaching career . . .

From the (bolded) paragraph immediately above, one would conclude knowledge and memory to be a function of mind and brain, and at the terrestrial (physical) level that of a mind impacting on a material brain, whereas wisdom would be more so a function of the ever-unchanging personality.

Doubtlessly, Monjoronson will be greatly aided by a Thought Adjuster the caliber of the Damascus Scribe – the one-time Superior Thought Adjuster Who guided Machiventa Melchizedek, then Christ Jesus – and so, in cooperation/co-creation with the Eternal Father, He will earn great credits.

Just Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits ?

As common people, we are entitled to the “attention” of just seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits – those of Intuition, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Counsel, Worship, and Wisdom – or are we?

For better contact with our Celestial Teachers we can (sincerely) ask for, and frequently be granted, the first, even the second aspect of the Morontia Mind, and thereby become truly Spiritually Enlightened Ones.

It’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

Note: The transmission “Specific Questions Answered” can be found on this site.

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