Reclaim and Rejoice!


Vancouver, US of A, December 20, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Thuroc.
Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “Precious one, it is I, Thuroc, and again I greet you to find your eagerness so very pleasing! It is from this very vitality of mortal zeal that we Celestials attain our highest gratefulness.

“Continue to reach, and seek forth with revered curiosity of serving our Creator. Fear not, that which have you troubled. You have the ideal escape for releasing your woes. Hand over your cumbersome heart, and the warm winds of nature will whisk them away. Clasp your hands, and bow your heads, shout praise for our Savior, Who walks in the Light!

“Regain your rightful attachment to your God-selves. Christ Michael infuses his very essence, deep into your souls. Pray and meditate, escape mortal life, adhere with the forces of Spirit to dawn in your dreams. Permeate techni-colored bliss, into every aspect of your lives!

“Please yourselves, be yourselves, and be free of yourselves! Understand that you are exactly as God has intended you to be! Do not alter who you are, defy the urge to always please others in their ways, and not that of your very own flesh. Instead, see yourselves through the eyes of God, be not the judge of foolish thoughts cast. The dazzling rays of His perfect Love shall heal all wounds of self-loathing, and guilt.

“Lift up those heavy eyelids of gloom, open them wide, and view the landscape of life. Inhale and exhale, become fresh and revitalized with passion for Truth. Achieve the insurmountable by reconnecting once again to the nucleus of the Father Fragment! Within your soul, It breathes a rich and bountiful new life. Reclaim and rejoice!

“Upon your soil shall walk the next Exalted One. Raise your awareness; and be ready to believe this modern day miracle! By accepting yourselves, you understand All that He is so ready to give.

“I say goodnight, and leave you with love.

“I am Thuroc, the Entertainer.”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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